Art Collage Color Cutouts Futuristic Nude Post-Apocalyptic Recycled Sci-Fi Storytelling

Dystopias, Utopias, and Sexuality: Collages by Jordan Westre

Vancouver-based artist Jordan Westre makes eye-catching collages that anxiously depict future utopias, the apocalypse, and female sexuality. Mixing cutouts from vintage magazines with those from pornographic and editorial materials from any decade, Westre links the values of modern society to past ones, often pulling out cross-generational similarities in regards to war and the treatment of […]

Animals Art Birds Ecological Experimental Magic Recycled Sculpture Taxidermy

Curious Rebirth: Magical Taxidermy Sculptures by Gerard Geer

Melbourne-based artist Gerard Geer resurrects road kill and other naturally deceased Australian animals by transforming their remains into beautiful skeletal articulations. Among his creations are colorful crystallized skulls, hybridized masks, taxidermy sculptures, and bell jar curiosities. Through a sensitive and creative engagement with his materials, Geer offers us a view into a world where magical […]

Art Color Insects Installations Recycled Skulls

Jennifer Angus’ Spectacular Wallpaper Comprised of 5,000 Bugs

Artist Jennifer Angus has produced a site-specific installation that lines hot pink walls with 5,000 real insects. Appropriately titled “In the Garden,” she uses their bodies to produce an intricate, ornamental wallpaper that features iridescently-colored stag beetles, cicadas, and other bugs that are the size of a human fist. Together, these southeast Asia-based creatures form […]

Art Black & White Environmental Experimental Futuristic Landscape Monsters Outdoors Recycled Sculpture Storytelling Surreal Tape

Philip Ob Rey Contructs Giant, Humanoid Omens out of VHS Tape

“Humantropy” is a word coined by artist Philip Ob Rey to describe the decline of civilization in an age of renewed chaos. To explore this concept, Ob Rey constructed spectral giants made out of VHS tape and found natural objects (feathers, stones, and seaweed) and photographed them in the frozen, brooding plains of Iceland. Each […]

Art Photography Recycled

Color and Symmetry: The Photographic work of Emily Blincoe

Emily Blincoe found some Salmonberries and arranged them to create a beautiful gradient effect. See here. Another amazing pic is the one she did with rocks. No wonder her perfectly composed image squares are a hit on Instagram (she has just 350K followers). Even the tomatoes and citrus fruit photos went viral last year on […]

Art Food & Drinks Miniature Painting Recycled

Hasan Kale’s Miniature Food Paintings from 2015

A really interesting micro painting by Hasan Kale is the chocolate square displayed here. This artist from Istanbul is overcoming every food art challenge known to man. He’s drawn on all types of fruits and nuts to even delicate sugar cubes, and  now he’s doing a few images on paper, but, painting with coffee and […]

Art Design Disturbing Fashion Recycled Sculpture Weird

Fantich & Young’s Creepy Shoes with Human Teeth Soles

A bit of bling bling in your teeth never hurt anyone. But shoes with human teeth as soles? That’s some crazy stuff if someone starts kicking. The question is are you supposed to wear these? Well not quite, as they are conceptual sculptures part of the “Apex Predator” art collection by Fantich & Young. This […]

Art Painting Recycled

Legendary Dragons Hand Painted on Gemstones

If you were born in the Year of the Dragon (like me), you are familiar with the various types such as water, wood, fire, earth and metal dragons. But sunrise and flower dragons may not ring a bell, unless you play online games DragonVale, Dragon Cave and Dragon City which present numerous winged creatures. There […]

Art Art Show Painting Pop Art Portraits Recycled

15 Outstanding Artistic Creations Displayed at the 2015 LA Art Show

Over 120 galleries from 22 countries showed their work at the 2015 LA Art Show, featuring modern, contemporary, historic, and traditional art, as well as works on paper, sculpture, and installations. Each year is more daring, more inventive, and this year was no exception. Top: Hyperrealistic sculpture of Salvador Dali by Kazuhiro Tsuji. Painted books by Mike […]

Art Collage Portraits Recycled

Large-scale Collage Pieces by Vik Muniz

Vik Muniz is a photographer and artist from Brazil. He has developed a beautiful collage style over the years that involves sourcing and collecting everything from vintage postcards to toy soldiers in order to create his large-scale masterpieces. Images © Vik Muniz Via My Modern Met