Fantich & Young’s Creepy Shoes with Human Teeth Soles

gold tooth, teeth as shoe soles, fantich and young

A bit of bling bling in your teeth never hurt anyone. But shoes with human teeth as soles? That’s some crazy stuff if someone starts kicking. The question is are you supposed to wear these? Well not quite, as they are conceptual sculptures part of the “Apex Predator” art collection by Fantich & Young. This East London studio is responsible for revamping Mary Jane and Oxford shoes with implanted synthetic teeth into the soles; their concept based on overthrowing Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection with the existence of a supernatural world. As well as addressing “parallels between social evolution and evolution in the natural world: Nature as model, or nature as threat.” [1]

red shoes with teeth soles, FANTICH & YOUNG

red shoes with teeth soles, FANTICH & YOUNG

cowboy boots with teeth soles, FANTICH & YOUNG

black shoes with human teeth, FANTICH & YOUNG


high heel, teeth soles, apex predator,  fantich and young

high heels with teeth, FANTICH & YOUNG

great gatsby shoes with teeth,  fantich and young

Images © Fantich & Young.

Via Fashion Scoop Daily