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Freddy Corbin, Oakland’s Tattoo God

Corbin has been tattooing for over three decades and specializes in black-and-grey art, ranging from lettering to religious iconography. With artist Scott Sylvia, he is credited with popularizing the Mexican-inspired sugar skull tattoos. He imprints Jesus, the Virgin Mary, sacred hearts, and crosses on his clients’ bodies with fine-line precision and beauty.


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Taki: One of America’s Finest Japanese Tattoo Artists

With two decades of expertise and a focus on Japanese tattooing, Kitamura has accomplished more than the majority of individuals in that time.

El Nawal’s Black-Ink Tattoos Embody Energy

In each of El Nawal’s works, he transmits his experiences, from living in the jungle to the client’s energy, using ascending lines and plant life, among other things. He is also influenced by his Mayan heritage and a few other Central and South American civilizations.