The Tattoo Journalist founded Scene360 in 2000 as one of the first fine-art magazines on the internet. Scene360 has established itself as one of the industry’s leaders in tattoo publishing since 2010.

Kirk Nilsen, a Tattooist Inspired by the Ancient World

His mandalas tattoos are more symbolic and intricate, emulating specific examples of Greco-Roman structures, ceramic tiles, and filigree. He wants to design his customers’ bodies to look like majestic architectural columns.

El Nawal’s Black-Ink Tattoos Embody Energy

In each of El Nawal’s works, he transmits his experiences, from living in the jungle to the client’s energy, using ascending lines and plant life, among other things. He is also influenced by his Mayan heritage and a few other Central and South American civilizations.

Interview with Jehoo on Stylized Reinterpretations of the East

Jehoo draws inspiration from traditional Eastern Asian culture and iconography, from tattoo sleeves to bodysuits, while incorporating a modern twist into his designs.