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Tattooist Kimria

Tattooing Beloved Pets: An Interview with Kimria

The South Korean film industry, like the tattoo industry, is thriving. South Korea is a fine-line micro tattooing powerhouse.

Shane Tan Talks about His Incredible Bodysuits

Tan is now regarded as one of Singapore’s finest tattoo artists, specializing in the Japanese style.

tattoo legend kari barba

Kari Barba: The Queen of Modern Tattooing

Barba is tattoo royalty, owner of Outer Limits, the longest-running tattoo studio in America and the second oldest in the World.

tattooist delphin musquet

Musquet: On a Mission to Produce Timeless Tattoos

Musquet is recognized for his interest in past-century iconography. Sacred hearts, skulls, and swallows are finely inked with a modern tattoo machine.

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coptic tattoo by the skin sorcerer

The Journey of a Tattoo Anthropologist

If you Stratton’s research focuses on Coptic Christianity and its significance to pilgrims who seek to adorn the historical tattoo.

tattooist Yanina viland

Yanina Viland: Creating Positive Experiences

The biggest surprise of all is not how well she paints, but rather how big her heart and humanity are towards her tattoo clients.