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Scene360 is an independent publication that has featured over 4,500 artists since 2000 and has won a Webby Award. Scene360 strives to tell raw and compelling stories through in-person interviews and event coverage.

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Interviews are one of our areas of expertise! Charlie Cartwright, Kari Barba, Chris Garver, Shane Tan, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Carlos Torres are just a few of the renowned tattoo artists interviewed by Scene360. With an article published on Scene360, you can enhance your resume and online influence through powerful, authentic storytelling. Contact us.

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Preparation for our interviews can take up to two months; getting it right takes time. If you require a more immediate response, we offer shorter features such as thismessage for more information.

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Take use of social media platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram to get your work published. Let’s put up a campaign!

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From Berlin studios to Lisbon parlors, you may have an article written about your business and what makes it unique. Kindly contact us.

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Scene360 has covered a variety of tattoo conventions across North America and Europe, including the Golden State Tattoo Expo, Santa Rosa Tattoos & Blues, Baltimore Tattoo Convention, Art Tattoo Montreal, Vancouver Isle Expo, London Tattoo Convention, Lisbon Tattoo Rock Fest, and Berlin Tattoo Convention. Contact us.

Print Magazines are not Extinct

“Tatoo” is Scene360’s first yearly print publication, marking the online site’s 20th anniversary. This 100-page premium edition has exclusive interviews with tattoo artists Gordoletters, Bakunista Sect, Daniela Sagel, Oscar Hove, Julim Rosa, Makoto, and Sewp. Consider the following. Keep a look out for the publication of the second edition.