Based on the West Coast of Portugal and the United States, Scene360 is an arts magazine that focuses on giving a refined and innovative take on the World’s most striking artistic creations. Covering art, tattoo, photography and cinema, Scene360 has attracted 60 million readers and with a following of 5 million on social media. Known for its specialization in tattoo art, it brings this craft to the next level by showing that it rivals anything created on canvas.

Scene360 has also developed a program (titled “Social Good & Art Therapy”) that recognizes artists with mental, physical, and sensory disabilities—looking to empower social change through showcase and education.

Scene360 was nominated four times for the Webby Award—crowned the winner of the “Best Art Website” in 2015. A three-time winner of the Pixel Awards for “Art” and “People’s Champ,” a two-time Platinum winner of the A’ Design Awards, and a SXSW finalist.


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As Seen On: Communications Arts, PC Magazine, Radio Comercial, Nylon Japan

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