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Shane Tan, a Tattoo Artist, Talks About His Incredible Bodysuits

Tan is now regarded as one of Singapore’s finest tattoo artists, specializing in the Japanese style—his work is bold and minimalist in its use of color.

Chris Garver Interview: Tattooing from the Gutter to the Top

Garver became a professional tattooer in the late 1980s and has worked in New York City since the 1990s.

Michela Bottin Interview: NYC, Tattooing, and Scarification

Bottin explained about her move from Italy to the United States, now working in NYC at SOHO Ink, and why it was so healing and positive for her to do this transition; in addition to giving details about extreme tattooing and scarification that she got done on her body.

Daniel the Gardener: Interviewing Berlin-Based Tattooist

Known a decade ago as one of the youngest painters to participate in reputable art galleries in Buenos Aires, Daniel the Gardener, is presently recognized for his career in tattoo art.