Arirang’s Painterly Tattoos

red painterly tattoo flowers under breast, on ribs

Arirang developed an interest in the arts at a young age and wished to further his studies in them, but his family did not have the financial means to do so. He worked for years at a car wash, restaurants, and bars, and as a tiler on a construction site to save money to become a tattooist after serving in the military for over two years as an adult. “I adore the concept of leaving memorable content on people’s bodies.,” says Arirang from Seoul. “When I witness my work mending the wounds of my clients, I feel delighted.” He started his professional career in the sector in 2018, having been fortunate enough to secure an apprenticeship with tattooer Handa and learn swiftly. He is meticulous and spends considerable time planning each design for the best possible finish. Black and crimson inks are frequently used in his tattoos because they look great together. His art is painterly and expressive. He likes doing scar cover-ups and sometimes uses the scar as an aspect of the composition.

asian, oriental landscape wash painting tattoo on back
flower painting style tattoo, black and red
red and black flower tattoo on foot, painterly style
asian bamboo painting style tattoo, black ink
red plant tattoo, painting like on leg
tattooer Arirang
Photos © Arirang