2024 Tahoe Tattoo Show

3d chest tattoo by Jesse Rix, photo copyright Adriana de Barros

Any event on the weekend of April 19 to 21, 2024, will inevitably be impacted by Germany’s “Gods of Ink” mega convention. However, we find ourselves in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, a national treasure known for its snow-covered mountain peaks and emerald-hued water. The mere presence of tattoo artists nearby enhances the allure of the voyage. The three-day Tahoe event was held in a sizable conference room at the Harrah’s Hotel, sponsored by Evian Water and organized by an individual named Dats. Many tattooers from California to Massachusetts represented various US states, including Jesse Rix, Phil Garcia, Carson Hill, Timmy B Barnes, Lindsay Baker, Justin Nordine, Ben Ochoa, Levi Hilton, Ryan Spencer, Emily Paul, and more. And several internationals like Liam Monahan from Canada and Sinai Alba from Mexico.

Although the Tahoe show included biomechanical, fine-line floral, ornamental blackwork, and realistic artwork, it leaned more toward neotraditional and cartoon styles than any other show we have attended. The contest trophies were endearing and considerate, engraved on tree stumps pertinent to the location.

The event was amicable, providing opportunities to converse with the tattooists and become acquainted with several up-and-coming artists eager to make their mark in the field.

Above: Jesse Rix is a master of 3D tattoo art.
Tattooer Phil Garcia producing a realistic red rose on client s shoulder  photo copyright Adriana de Barros
An acclaimed tattoo artist, Phil Garcia, proceeded to inlay a crimson rose onto the client’s shoulder.
bear tattoo on back by brian Chambers from Reno photo copyright Adriana de Barros
A Reno-based tattooer, Brian Chambers, embellishes this extensively healed back piece with foliage.
Tattooer Wade Titus doing an abstract and textural color arm sleeve photo copyright Adriana de Barros
This tattoo sleeve by Wade Titus is technically an abstract and textural design despite its toothy mummy-like appearance.
tahoe tattoo show awards photo copyright Adriana de Barros
The look of these award trophies more closely resembles “laser” engraving.
Apprentice Miguel Angel Flores photo copyright Adriana de Barros
Miguel Angel Flores diligently works and represents the Black Orchid Tattoo Collective.
bat tattoo on stomach by miguel angel flores photo copyright Adriana de Barros
Miguel Angel Flores’ bat creation was awarded first prize for “Best Medium-Size Tattoo” at the Tahoe Show.
female tattooer Brooke Weeks doing a floral work representing full circle tattoos from San diego photo copyright Adriana de Barros
Brooke Weeks represents San Diego’s Full Circle Tattoo studio (owned by Bill Canales).
lgbtq artist emily paul producing a mandala with flower tattoo photo copyright Adriana de Barros
Emily Paul produced a floral combination with a mandala on the customer’s leg.
Known tattooer justin nordine doing a colorful and painterly tattoo photo copyright Adriana de Barros
A colorful “Synth-Nouveau” is Justin Nordine’s name for his painterly tattoo technique.
painterly flower tattoo on arm by justin nordine photo copyright Adriana de Barros
Justin Nordine owns The Raw Canvas in Colorado. With determination, he completes this work of art in Tahoe.
a closeup of Emaki studio art ryan spencer photo copyright Adriana de Barros
Ryan Spencer, a tattoo artist at the Emaki studio, depicts a warrior in a winged headdress.
a large back tattoo by Jason lawson photo copyright Adriana de Barros
Jason Lawson executed one of the largest tattoos at the convention over two days.
Jason Lawson is the owner of eleven mag tattoo shop in brentwood california photo copyright Adriana de Barros
This image captures the ecstatic expression of Jason Lawson, proprietor of the Eleven Mag Tattoo parlor in Brentwood, California.
apprentice Dane Seacat showing his paintings photo copyright Adriana de Barros
Finally, Dane Seacat, the apprentice of Justine Nordine, presented his paintings.
portrait of tahoe photo copyright Adriana de Barros
A portrait of the beauty and tranquility of Lake Tahoe.
Photos © Scene360