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Adriaan Machete, Acclaimed Neo-Traditional Tattooist

Inspired by the work of Renaissance and Art Nouveau painters, German tattooist Adriaan Machete is renowned worldwide for his delicate and exquisitely colored body art. His professional tattoo career began around 2007 after he apprenticed with Iban Maya. His major break came in 2010 when he was invited to be a guest artist in various […]

From Berlin with Love: Tattoo Flash by Brian Kelly

Prolific tattooists Ben Corday and Sailor Jerry have continued to inspire new generations—think: sailing ships, pin-up girls, skulls and hearts—all of those symbols defined the “American Old-School Tattoos.” The same icons that US-native Brian Kelly has revived on skins and in tattoo flash. “Sometimes I use liquid acrylic for the white parts of the paintings. […]

Lace Tattoos by Falukorv

French artist Falukorv adorns herself in vintage garments and traditional tattoos. Her pin-up fashion sense mirrors her design aesthetic: delicate with an old-school edge. At first blush, some might compare her to Dodie, but Falukorv differs by actually downplaying the embroidery. Her portfolio primarily focuses on neotraditional and realistic elements, using lace as a way to just highlight the main feature, a decoration designed to draw the eye in. Images © Falukorv

Fanciful Color Tattoos by Myra Brodsky

Victorian birthday cards and Art Nouveau portraits are some of the things we see in Myra Brodsky’s tattoos that combine both past-era aesthetics with images from recent Vogue magazines. Sharp black outlines, soothing color fills and delicate white highlights are consistently added to her visuals—much expertly drawn on paper and then inked on skin, and […]