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Fiery Red Nordic Landscapes by Øystein Aspelund

Norwegian photographer Øystein Aspelund has done an exceptional job capturing the beauty of his region, through the use of projected light, smoke and fire he illuminates warmly these ice-cold landscapes. His temporary installations are a study of colors and shapes as well as the interaction humans have with natural environments—Aspelund explains: “Aiming to create a […]

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Poisons Museum: Sculptural Critiques by Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov

These spindly sculpted lifeforms are the work of Moscow-based artist Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov. After studying bioengineering and philology in university, he turned to art as a way of expressing his curiosity and concerns around science, knowledge acquisition, and biological processes. “Poisons Museum” is a project dedicated to the problem of global information and “information that can […]

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10 Virtual Reality Films That Show the World in a New Light

Stories are shaped by the medium used to tell them. Filmmakers in particular can take advantage of a variety of different techniques and technologies to tell their stories visually and auditorily. As new technologies are developed so too do the creative possibilities change. It is disputed exactly how long virtual reality as a concept has […]

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The Sinking World: Magical Photomontages by Andreas Franke

Andreas Franke is an award-winning commercial photographer based in Vienna. After diving in the Caribbean, he was inspired to create art that both expressed the beauty of the ocean, and interacted directly with it. The resulting series is called “The Sinking World,” starting with composite photographs that combine underwater shots with studio images of costumed […]

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Modern Anxieties: Grotesque, Hyperrealistic Paintings by Beau White

Australian artist Beau White paints surreal, hyperrealistic images that take a magnifying glass to human fallacies and anxieties. Among his absurd and grotesque imagery are large parasitic worms that feast on people and pomegranates—the latter of which, when split open, resemble an eviscerated body, playing with our discomforts surrounding death and decay. The fetal “Chickenpig” […]

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Intricate Moss Embroideries Ease Anxiety with Piled Stitches

Moss might seem like one of the most basic plants, but Emma Mattson shows how beautiful it is with her intricate embroideries. Using a variety of stitches, the artist creates sculptural hoop art that piles high—just the same as its flowerless leaves. This repetitive embroidery is a therapeutic way for Mattson to cope with anxiety. […]

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Philip Ob Rey Contructs Giant, Humanoid Omens out of VHS Tape

“Humantropy” is a word coined by artist Philip Ob Rey to describe the decline of civilization in an age of renewed chaos. To explore this concept, Ob Rey constructed spectral giants made out of VHS tape and found natural objects (feathers, stones, and seaweed) and photographed them in the frozen, brooding plains of Iceland. Each […]

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Street Art Duo NEVERCREW Show Their Concerns with Planet Earth

Staying true to their focal and ongoing analysis of the relationship between humankind and nature, NEVERCREW has illustrated their observations on walls and shipping containers in India, United States, and Europe. Concerned with climate change and the future of humanity, pieces like “Black Machine” and “Ablating Machine” depict whales and polar bears in artistic and […]

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Bear Kirkpatrick’s Passionate and Sacred Photography

Note: Contains nudity. Bear Kirkpatrick is a photographer who ventures deep into the wilderness, seeking “hierophanies.” The term derives from the theories of religious historian Mircea Eliade, referring to moments when the sacred realm breaks into the profane (the material, everyday world). Kirkpatrick’s portraits feature nude figures in beautiful, tortured communion with the earth. In […]

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The Mystical Masks and Other Worlds of LĂ©onard Condemine

Note: Contains nudity. LĂ©onard Condemine is a French mixed-media artist interested in identity formation and alienation. Since 2010, he has been crafting cryptic masks, decorating them with feathers, mirror shards, and painted geometric shapes. Each mask is contextualized in his ethereal photographs, which show the masked figures worshipping unseen gods under star-strewn skies and in […]