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Dareum’s Tattoos Feature Oil Pastel Depiction

1994 marked the birth of Da Hye Lee (aka Dareum) in Cheongju, South Korea. Her family relocated to Seoul during childhood, and she has remained there ever since. After deciding early on that visual and fashion design was not her calling, she abandoned her undergraduate major to pursue a career as a tattoo artist. She […]

3D Burgers & GIF Lips: The Pop-Minimalist Art of Blake Kathryn

Meet Blake Kathryn, art-director-turned-digital-artist. She dove into the world of 3D design when she discovered the Cinema 4D program on Behance and hasn’t looked back since. Her work often features isolated body parts or a hodgepodge of recognizable objects that have been given an edgy new look and wonderfully bizarre color scheme. While Kathryn does […]

Cake Fangs: Sweetly Lethal Sculptures by Scott Hove

Scott Hove is an LA-based artist who turns the ingredients of beauty and violence into colorful, snarling cakes. As part of an ongoing project called “Cakeland,” these sculptures explore “the process of re-integrating light and dark, [moving] from a false dualism to a true whole.” While the juxtaposition of sweetness and savagery may be the […]

Beauty and Disarray: Body Sculptures by Monica Piloni

Monica Piloni is a Brazilian artist exploring the body through surreal sculptures. By blending the beauty of human forms with elements of the grotesque—conjoined torsos, missing faces, and disembodied parts—her work seeks to ignite a response in the viewer, allowing them to see the body in ways it has never been seen before. “Anguish my […]

Mattia Mambo’s Deconstructed Tattoos Look Too Perfect to Be Done by Hand

Milano-based tattoo artist Mattia Mambo creates small, colorful tattoos that look computer generated. The clean, crisp lines and bold shapes resemble a composition created in Adobe Illustrator rather than drawn onto skin. His precision fools us however, and everything is done analog using see-through vellum paper and markers. Deconstruction is a theme that weaves its […]

Veselka Bulkan Subverts Traditional Hoop Art by Thinking Outside of It

Veselka Bulkan is the artist behind Little Herb Bouquet, the label under which she creates exquisite hoop art. Her works are a twist on traditional embroidery, and rather than confining her imagery within the circle, tiny felted vegetables dangle off the sides. Carrots, wild onions, and radishes are all free to hang, tethered only by […]

Conjurer’s Kitchen: Morbid Cake Creations by Annabel de Vetten

Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. Annabel de Vetten makes cakes that will appeal to your taste buds while disturbing your imagination. Under the name “Conjurer’s Kitchen,” de Vetten constructs icing-covered baked goods that resemble everything from innocent tiered wedding cakes to writhing tentacles and spilling organs. Using […]

Halloween Pumpkin Carvings by Villafane Studios

Scary killer clowns and rotting corpses are just some of the sculptural Halloween treats made by Villafane, an American studio famous for their 3D pumpkin carvings. They’re now sculpting on sweet potatoes and other tuberous crops and squash plants. The studio’s founder and carver extraordinaire Ray Villafane has participated in various episodes of “Outrageous Pumpkins” […]

Art You Could Almost Eat by Remo “Wes21” Lienhard

Sink your teeth into this collection of art by Remo “Wes21” Lienhard. The Swiss artist has cooked up a storm of street art, canvas paintings, digital art and even sculpture as part of his creative exploration into our dietary delights. His use of highly saturated colors has become a recognizable feature of his art and […]

Deliciously Hyperreal Portraits by Mike Dargas

It’s no secret that German artist Mike Dargas can paint, but it is his portraits of models covered in syrup that really command attention. Dargas incorporates characteristics of photography, such as light reflections and shadows, into his extreme close-up oil paintings to create a level of intimacy and realism. This is one art series that […]