Author: Karen Wardle

Strange Ghostly Figures in Motion by Jon Jacobsen

Jon Jacobsen creates unsettling manipulations of the human body in his surreal photographic portraits. He uses animated GIFs to bring his ghoulish subjects to life, further exaggerating their pained expressions. His latest project “Insula” is a collaboration with Colombian designer Daniel Ramos Obregón, which explores how technology has become an extension of ourselves. The series […]

The Dark Beauty of Bruno Dayan’s Photography

Studying cinema at Concordia University in Montreal, Bruno Dayan began his career by indulging his passion for aesthetic movies. His background in film is evident in the cinematic quality of his photos. Dayan uses heavy shadows to encapsulate his subjects—highlighting their ethereal beauty and setting a haunting mood. English-born, Canadian-raised Dayan has built a successful […]

Art You Could Almost Eat by Remo “Wes21” Lienhard

Sink your teeth into this collection of art by Remo “Wes21” Lienhard. The Swiss artist has cooked up a storm of street art, canvas paintings, digital art and even sculpture as part of his creative exploration into our dietary delights. His use of highly saturated colors has become a recognizable feature of his art and […]

Futuristic Landscapes by Alejandro Burdisio

Argentinian artist Alejandro “Burda” Burdisio honed his illustration skills while working as a draftsman for an architecture firm. Not content with the realistic imagery he was creating at work, Burdisio started dabbling in creative digital drawings in his spare time. Inspired by the sci-fi work of Juan Giménez, Burdisio constructs mind-bending futuristic scenes by blending […]

Discover a Surreal America in Logan Zillmer’s Photography

These surreal conceptual images by American photographer Logan Zillmer show us the disruption of large open spaces of the Midwest and challenge our preconditioned perceptions of reality. Zillmer developed his signature style through experimentation with a variety of complex in-camera techniques and post-production tools. Inspired by iconic surrealist artist Rene Magritte, Zillmer aims to explore […]

Dirk Dzimirsky’s Photorealistic Art Expresses His Concern with Water Torture

With the aim of making a political statement about torture methods such as waterboarding, German artist Dirk Dzimirsky began experimenting with water as a subject in his hyperrealistic art. While the final result looks less politically focused, Dzimirsky explains that it provided inspiration for his current direction. “The water stayed as an element in my […]

James Bullough’s Fractured Paintings in Motion

Note: Contains nudity. Not content with limiting his painting skill to canvas alone, Berlin-based artist James Bullough put down his oil paints in favor of spray cans and rollers. His urban art is a throwback to a childhood formed by the infamous graffiti culture of Washington DC in the 1990s. Slicing his subjects and shifting […]

Deliciously Hyperreal Portraits by Mike Dargas

It’s no secret that German artist Mike Dargas can paint, but it is his portraits of models covered in syrup that really command attention. Dargas incorporates characteristics of photography, such as light reflections and shadows, into his extreme close-up oil paintings to create a level of intimacy and realism. This is one art series that […]

10 Expert Biomechanical Tattoo Artists

In the late 70s, Ridley Scott collaborated with Swiss artist H.R. Giger to design the creatures in his internationally acclaimed sci-fi horror film, “Alien.” Giger’s art became so popular that it inspired generations of artists, and impacted a surrealistic style of tattoo art. Fusing machines with living organisms, biomechanical tattoos have developed over the decades, […]

Powerful Street Art from Fintan Magee

Fintan Magee’s impact on the global street art community is showing no signs of slowing, with the Australian artist recently completing stunning murals in countries as far afield as Mexico, Germany, New Zealand and Ukraine. Inspired by children’s picture books, Fintan draws on the colors found in the surrounding locations to create his evocative art. […]