Halloween Pumpkin Carvings by Villafane Studios

scary clown pumpkin carving, halloween
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Scary killer clowns and rotting corpses are just some of the sculptural Halloween treats made by Villafane, an American studio famous for their 3D pumpkin carvings. They’re now sculpting on sweet potatoes and other tuberous crops and squash plants. The studio’s founder and carver extraordinaire Ray Villafane has participated in various episodes of “Outrageous Pumpkins” on Food Network, sculpted the world’s biggest pumpkin to look like zombies and made a number of cool ones for Heidi Klum’s mega Halloween party in 2011.

ugly bat face pumpkin zipper face guy and frakenstein pumpkins scary hand pumkin carving, horror
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glow in the dark pumpkin face grotesque man zombie pumpkin, halloween sweet potato creatures, carving scary man pumpkin carving mummy witch pumpkin
Images © Villafane Studios.
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