Mattia Mambo’s Deconstructed Tattoos Look Too Perfect to Be Done by Hand

pizza tattoo on arm
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Milano-based tattoo artist Mattia Mambo creates small, colorful tattoos that look computer generated. The clean, crisp lines and bold shapes resemble a composition created in Adobe Illustrator rather than drawn onto skin. His precision fools us however, and everything is done analog using see-through vellum paper and markers.

Deconstruction is a theme that weaves its way through all of Mambo’s tattoos. The colors are always separated—like the layers of a screen print—but conceptually, too. Burgers, pizza, and ice cream are all displayed as individual ingredients that look as though they’re falling into place.

hamburger tattoo apple tattoo, deconstructed cellery, carrots, tattoo on leg
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hot sandwich tattoo asparagus and egg tattoo on two arms blue flower tattoo, marker style sail boat tattoo, sunset colors tattoo flages, boat, chicken, egg tattoo flashes, drawings in marker
Images © Mattia Mambo.
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