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Beauty and Disarray: Body Sculptures by Monica Piloni

Monica Piloni - Id Ego Superego cover

Monica Piloni is a Brazilian artist exploring the body through surreal sculptures. By blending the beauty of human forms with elements of the grotesque—conjoined torsos, missing faces, and disembodied parts—her work seeks to ignite a response in the viewer, allowing them to see the body in ways it has never been seen before. “Anguish my source of inspiration,” Piloni says, as is her “relationship with [her] own body,” through which she contemplates the painful disparity between the soul and the fleshly “fibers of meat.” While her body-related themes are consistent, her subject matter is diverse; her “Hybrid” series consists of fruit with creepy skeletal interiors, and “Strange Fruit” displays a ballerina ominously hanging upside down, her inversion referring to sacrifice and the loss of purpose. View more of Piloni’s stunning work on her website.

Monica Piloni - Id Ego Superego

Monica Piloni - Strange Fruit 2

Monica Piloni - Strange Fruit detail

Monica Piloni - Portrait series, A, B, C

Monica Piloni - Portrait series, d and e

Monica Piloni - Egg I

Monica Piloni - Lascivia

Monica Piloni - Apple, Hybrid series

Monica Piloni - Papaya, Hybrid series

Monica Piloni - Fig, Orange, Papaya, Peach, Hybrid series

Images © Monica Piloni