Art You Could Almost Eat by Remo “Wes21” Lienhard

chewed up apple painted on building, graffiti
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Sink your teeth into this collection of art by Remo “Wes21” Lienhard. The Swiss artist has cooked up a storm of street art, canvas paintings, digital art and even sculpture as part of his creative exploration into our dietary delights. His use of highly saturated colors has become a recognizable feature of his art and makes each of these snacks a full-flavored visual feast.

world apple on building, graffiti jupiter by remo wes21 lienhard big catch by remo wes21 lienhard octopus eats shark. food chain, graffiti
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Tatoo book
donut by remo wes21 lienhard closeup of donuts with ants, graffiti hungry by remo wes21 lienhard resources by remo wes21 lienhard home sweet home by remo wes 21 lienhard
Images © Remo "Wes21" Lienhard

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