Author: Alexi Ueltzen

3D Burgers & GIF Lips: The Pop-Minimalist Art of Blake Kathryn

Meet Blake Kathryn, art-director-turned-digital-artist. She dove into the world of 3D design when she discovered the Cinema 4D program on Behance and hasn’t looked back since. Her work often features isolated body parts or a hodgepodge of recognizable objects that have been given an edgy new look and wonderfully bizarre color scheme. While Kathryn does […]

In Mete Yafet’s World, Music and Art are Intertwined

Mete Yafet is an Istanbul-based artist who creates textured, surreal 3D art as well as music. According to Yafet, when creating 3D art he also imagines the accompanying music, and when producing music he conjures scenes for their music videos. Yafet’s art is dramatic and incredibly detailed, and combines familiar shapes with colors and effects […]

Scott Listfield: Astronauts, and a Critical Look at Modern Society

As a child, Scott Listfield was promised a future filled with flying cars and robot companions. When those never materialized, he started creating art that captured his sense of alienation from the modern world. His works often center around a featureless astronaut exploring a world filled with symbols of modern day life: McDonald’s signs, vintage […]

Hidden Faces & Somber Nudity: The Photography of Chiara Lombardi

Chiara Lombardi is a 22 year old photographer from Italy who fell in love with photography when her father handed her a disposable camera on a family vacation. Her work has evolved from vacation snaps into polished portraits that play with identity, texture, and creative interpretations of traditional portraiture. Lombardi places a high value on […]

John Orion Young on Bringing Joy to People via Virtual Reality

John Orion Young’s initials spell “joy,” which happens to perfectly align with his mission to evoke that emotion using digital art. Classically trained in drawing, painting and sculpting, Young has merged his artistic background and skills with an intense love of technology. Recently, Young’s work has turned towards self-portraiture in order to explore personal connection […]

Exploding Faces & Glitchy Portraits: The Futuristic Work of Pandagunda

Sweden-based artist Pandagunda finds inspiration in everything from hospital sounds, to glitch art, to imperfections in the world around us. His work is largely digital, with an almost tactile quality. People with surreal spikes and growths shooting out of their heads, glossy 3D shapes, and often an almost floral treatment creates works that require a […]

Color, Shape & Movement: An interview with Arielle Bobb-Willis

New York-based photographer Arielle Bobb-Willis initially turned to photography to help manage her depression and it has been her art form of choice ever since. Using bold, monochromatic clothing and atypical poses, her work has a distinct painterly influence. In fact, she views her models more as shapes than anything else, showing the deep influence […]

Fetish and Fascination: An Interview with Visual Artist Joanne Leah

Artist and photographer Joanne Leah has morphed from a sculptor to a photographer and art director; her personal work illustrates that influence with its sculptural, sensual quality. Her subject matter is wearable sculpture and models often hold bizarre poses in unconventional materials that force the viewer to take a second look. In exploring humans’ physical […]

3D Worlds of the Future: An Interview with Digital Artist Gohmn

From high school street artist, to musician, to talented 3D creator, Andrew Williams—“Gohmn” to his online community – has dabbled in a lot of creative outlets. His current passion is creating surreal and detailed 3D worlds which are the result of a daily practice. His inspiration for his work ranges from music, to Arizona sunsets, […]

Obsessive GIF Artist Al Boardman on the Importance of Personal Projects

Al Boardman, prolific GIF-creator and expert animator, has created motion graphics for an impressive list of famous brands (including Nike, IBM, and Twitter). His signature style is simple yet sophisticated, with a color palette and a smoothness that sucks the viewer in. Along with work for clients, Boardman creates tons of personal projects that gets […]