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Cyber Future: Tattooed Synthetic Humans by Dangiuz

Known as Dangiuz — real name is Leopoldo D’Angelo — this Italian digital illustrator has envisioned a  cyber-world inspired by “Blade Runner”(1982) and “Ghost in the Shell” (1995), where bio-engineered humans live in a dystopian society. Defiant characters (“Freerunners”) seek justice of this oppressed nation controlled by large corporations, and yes, there are hints here […]

10 Virtual Reality Films That Show the World in a New Light

Stories are shaped by the medium used to tell them. Filmmakers in particular can take advantage of a variety of different techniques and technologies to tell their stories visually and auditorily. As new technologies are developed so too do the creative possibilities change. It is disputed exactly how long virtual reality as a concept has […]

John Orion Young on Bringing Joy to People via Virtual Reality

John Orion Young’s initials spell “joy,” which happens to perfectly align with his mission to evoke that emotion using digital art. Classically trained in drawing, painting and sculpting, Young has merged his artistic background and skills with an intense love of technology. Recently, Young’s work has turned towards self-portraiture in order to explore personal connection […]

Artists and Designers Dream Big! Win $10K in LG’s UltraWide Fest 2016

Calling all artists, designers, and creative professionals! It’s your chance to dream big with the LG UltraWide Festival 2016—an online festival that’s about making your digital life wider, fun, and more convenient than ever with the LG UltraWide monitor. To enter, you simply upload a 21:9 ratio artwork online. There will be 15 finalists awarded […]

DevinSuperTramp: Capturing Extreme Pogo With the Help of LG

What does it take to have over 4 million subscribers on YouTube and over 765 million views of your 200+ videos? Devin Graham, aka DevinSuperTramp, knows—the videographer, editor, and producer excites and inspires with his incredible, jaw-dropping extreme pogo videos that make you suddenly want to invest in a pogo stick and go hopping around […]

Announcing the Winners of the 2016 A’ Design Awards

We’re always impressed by the caliber of submissions to the A’ Design Award and Competition. Each year, creatives from around the world up the ante with their thoughtful display of products, projects, services, and more. The 2015 – 2016 contest was evaluated by a international jury of scholars, press, and design professionals who selected 1,277 […]

8 Strangely Fascinating and Innovative Fashion Designers

In a world that is constantly evolving scientifically and technologically, so is fashion—one of the largest, multi-billion-dollar industries. And while there is much respect found in the traditionally ancient ways of creating fashion, there are artists and designers who are breaching the mold. Whether it is heavy hitting ready-to-wear innovators Herpen, Watanabe, Yamamoto, and Miyake, […]

UltraWide Festival 2015: Become the Next Big YouTube Star

Do you want to be the next vlogging star on Youtube? UltraWide Festival have joined forces with LG and three of Youtube’s biggest Tech vloggers (let’s call them “techperts”) to launch a competition at Whether you aspire to become a digital video artist, or you’re an avid online gamer, or dream of launching your […]

The “Invisible Man” by Vine Star Zack King and Sony Action Cam

Recently there was news that Sony is doing a remake of “The Invisible Man” based on H.G. Wells’ science fiction novel. Until that film gets released, let’s view another “Invisible Man” directed by Vine star Zach King and his team using Sony’s new Action Cam. King is famous for his addictive 6-second videos of magic […]