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Art, Craft, & Photography from the A’ Design Awards

In a world where there are millions of people, it can be easy for many artistic creations to be unseen, and that’s why events like the A’ Design Awards have its purpose—reviewing and selecting works for all of us to see. Of course, it requires registering your project to the competition, preferably your best creation, […]

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Fiery Red Nordic Landscapes by Øystein Aspelund

Norwegian photographer Øystein Aspelund has done an exceptional job capturing the beauty of his region, through the use of projected light, smoke and fire he illuminates warmly these ice-cold landscapes. His temporary installations are a study of colors and shapes as well as the interaction humans have with natural environments—Aspelund explains: “Aiming to create a […]

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Spectral Beasts in the Shadowy Fantasy Realms of Jade Mere

Jade Mere is a writer and illustrator with a passion for fantasy, science fiction, and the paranormal. Humans and animals are her favorite subjects, and this post features a selection of the latter. Just like the moonlit waters of Mere’s Pacific-Northwest home, the animals are filled with phosphorescence, light leaking from their eyes, mouths, and […]

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10 Beautiful Films for Photography Fans

Cinematography attempts to capture, replicate and reveal to the audience, the images inside a director’s head. It is not just about making pretty pictures for the eyes to savour. Today, the cinematographer can be a star asset to a film as any actor or director. Names such as Gregg Toland, Peter Deming, Vilmos Zsigmond and […]

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Call For Entries Open for the 2018 A’ Design Awards

When the quirky pasta packaging by Nikita Konkin made its debut last year (see below), the designs quickly went viral. Using strands and shapes of the dry noodles, they doubled as “hair” for the women printed on the boxes. It’s a simple but ingenious idea—no wonder it was one of the winners in the A’ […]

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10 Virtual Reality Films That Show the World in a New Light

Stories are shaped by the medium used to tell them. Filmmakers in particular can take advantage of a variety of different techniques and technologies to tell their stories visually and auditorily. As new technologies are developed so too do the creative possibilities change. It is disputed exactly how long virtual reality as a concept has […]

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Encountering the Unknown: Eerily Beautiful Visions by Severin Ettlin

Severin Ettlin is a photographer based in Lucerne, Switzerland, whose images carry an ethereal quality, blending the “mysteries of light, form, and color in a way that reflects [the artist’s] view of reality.” In his titled “Homolux,” an eerie, glowing figure is replicated in various environments, ranging from the deep woods to city streets. The […]

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Vivid Shades of Melancholia: Photographs by Lasse Hoile

Lasse Hoile is a renowned Danish graphic artist, photographer, and filmmaker, perhaps best known for his work designing CD covers and live visuals for artists and bands such as Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree. Driven by an innate desire to create, Hoile has explored several integrated art forms, but deems photography “the one medium for […]

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10 Inspiring Photographers Celebrating Light and Life

Light is an integral part of photography, in both a technical and creative sense. Illumination has a dramatic effect on how we interpret a photograph. Even the slightest change in its tone can alter a mood to feel warm and nostalgic, or on the conversely, cold and dark. This powerful ability enhances the themes within […]

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Nicolas Winding Refn and the Art of Violence: A Visual Analysis

Nicolas Winding Refn is a sensationalist film artist, one of the best and most exciting directors on the scene. He seeks to cause controversy and get people talking about his work. Because otherwise, what’s the point? Like fellow countryman Lars von Trier, Refn’s a bit of a joker and always good for a quote. He […]