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Vivid Shades of Melancholia: Photographs by Lasse Hoile

Lasse Hoile is a renowned Danish graphic artist, photographer, and filmmaker, perhaps best known for his work designing CD covers and live visuals for artists and bands such as Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree. Driven by an innate desire to create, Hoile has explored several integrated art forms, but deems photography “the one medium for […]

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Amazing Night Photography

Whether shooting landscapes, cityscapes or fashion, Night Photography can be very tricky to get right. There are so many more elements to think about when you are cut off from the sun or artificial light sources: the lifeblood of taking pictures. But the plus side is that it gives snappers the chance to be more creative […]

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Light Painting: Dinos, Aliens, and Skaters

California based illustrator Darren Pearson (a.k.a. Darius Twin) is constantly scouting for locations to execute his light paintings. He works by night using a flashlight and camera set for long-exposure. And his final images are what you see here, without any digital montaging. Pearson’s work is currently being sold as paper and canvas prints at […]

Art Light Painting Photography

Break into the Light

If you combine break dancing with light painting, this is what you get! These pictures were captured by Polish photographer Joanna Jaskolska, who swears that the only use of Photoshop was for color correction.

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Amazing Light Stencil Art

TigTag’s light painting is done in one continuous long-exposure shot. Although the images look like they were photo-manipulated, in reality no Photoshop was used. All of her stencils are hand cut and placed on a custom built light box.

Light Light Painting Outdoors Stop Motion Video

Light Painted Animals

Motion graphics studio Lichtfaktor has spent four cold nights working on a lighting painting video entitled, “dENiZEN – Shine a Light for Nature.” They used the stop-motion technique to make animals come to life in the city streets of Cologne. The film has already won two German web video awards.

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Light Graffiti Bombing

UK artist Sola has taken graffiti to a new level by fusing light painting to it. His work is not permanent like traditional tagging on walls, so it may have a better acceptance among local communities.

Art Best of 2012 Light Painting Photography

Spectacular Light Painting

Photographer Dennis Calvert does not use digital manipulation for any of his pictures. With the right exposure on his camera, he swings around glow sticks in a dark room or outdoors at night to create his desired visual effect. 

Art Best of 2011 Drawing Light Light Painting Photography

Drawing in the Dark

When viewing Brian Matthew Hart’s photos, it is clear that the technique of “light painting” is evolving.

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Out of Darkness into the Light

The “Ball of Light” is an inspiring photographic project by Denis Smith. The glowing spheres are made by the photographer at night, using the technique of light painting.