Author: Christopher Smail

Painting the Cyber Future by Victor Fota

Victor Fota is a talented Romanian artist and you can see the influence of metaphysics and ancient mythologies in his surreal works. They are very interesting compositionally, with distorted portraits of humans blending into spherical shapes and natural landscapes. I think we should all hitch a ride on his magical space voyage. All photos © Victor […]

The Profound Suffering of Cleon Peterson’s Art

Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. There is an inherent violence in the work of LA-based visual artist Cleon Peterson that penetrates deep into our society and the nature of humanity. Though at times his figures appear that they have stepped out of classical antiquity, this is portrayed with a […]

Jeff Soto Paints a Nightmarish Vision

Jeff Soto is an American contemporary artist who has found success with his distinct paintings and graffiti works, ones that blend fantastical imagery with dark, neon colours. His works are fascinating for their sheer imagination and superb brushstroke, which draw you into a hair-raising world that you don’t want to leave. All photos © Jeff Soto […]

10 Splendid Examples of Minimalist Photography

They say that less is more and that is certainly true of Minimalism, which can be achieved effectively in any area of photography, from portraiture to landscape, and through to architecture and fashion. A wide choice has been sought for this article, looking at those photographers who have tried to engage with the minimalist aesthetic […]