Art Futuristic Painting Surreal

Painting the Cyber Future by Victor Fota

Victor Fota¬†is a talented Romanian artist and you can see the influence of metaphysics and ancient mythologies in his surreal works. They are very interesting compositionally, with distorted portraits of humans blending into spherical shapes and natural landscapes. I think we should all hitch a ride on his magical space voyage. All photos ¬© Victor […]

Art Disturbing Hyperreal Sculpture Weird

Hyperreal Angel Sculpture Shocks Beijing

This extremely realistic sculpture by the artist pair Sun Yuan and Peng Yu has resurfaced and is causing a stir amongst the inhabitants of Beijing. You can see why, as their depiction of the heavenly creatures is not as ethereal and wholesome as we are used to. Is it a visual metaphor for our troubled […]

Art Color Illustration Painting

The Profound Suffering of Cleon Peterson’s Art

Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. There is an inherent violence in the work of LA-based visual artist¬†Cleon Peterson¬†that penetrates deep into our society and the nature of humanity. Though at times his figures appear that they have stepped out of classical antiquity, this is portrayed with a […]

Art Photography

Andrea Peipe’s Photographs Cast a Magical Spell

Note: Contains nudity. Andrea Peipe¬†is a photographer based in Munich, Germany. Her work has a strong fantastical element as we are transported to dark forests full of spells and windless lakes in the heart of the wild. There is much whimsy on display in these enchanting works of art. All photos ¬© Andrea Peipe Via […]

Art Nude Painting Special Feature

10 Nude Paintings by Renowned Artists

Note: Contains nudity. Nude paintings have the power to shock as well as the ability to move people. This is due to the beauty with which some artists can render the body in oil paints. Many contemporary artists are still trying to find new ways to cause outrage with their paintbrushes, but not always, and […]

Art Painting Sci-Fi

Jeff Soto Paints a Nightmarish Vision

Jeff Soto¬†is an American contemporary artist who has found success with his distinct paintings and graffiti works, ones that blend fantastical imagery with dark, neon colours. His works are fascinating for their sheer imagination and superb brushstroke, which draw you into a hair-raising world that you don’t want to leave. All photos ¬© Jeff Soto […]

Art Photography

Do Not Disturb: Photography by Anja Neimi

Anja Niemi¬†is a Norwegian photographer who is highly skilled when it comes to shooting unconventional portraits that engage the mind as much as the eye. For her self-initiated project “Do Not Disturb,” she has orchestrated a richly textured world full of seductive interiors and mirror imagery. All photos ¬© Anja Niemi Via John Jones

Art Body Art Painting Photography

Watch the Human Body Disappear into Air

Natalie Fletcher¬†is someone who enjoys painting onto people, as you can plainly see. Taking her subjects to a number of different environmental settings (we’ve got mountains, deserts and trees) she amazingly blends the human body with painstaking detail into their new surroundings. Very cool stuff. All photos ¬© Natalie Fletcher Via Juxtapoz

Art Minimalism Photography Special Feature

10 Splendid Examples of Minimalist Photography

They say that less is more and that is certainly true of Minimalism, which can be achieved effectively in any area of photography, from portraiture to landscape, and through to architecture and fashion. A wide choice has been sought for this article, looking at those photographers who have tried to engage with the minimalist aesthetic […]

Art Landscape Photography

Release Your Inner Wildness: Photographs by Magdalena Russocka

Escape into the wild with the magnetic photographs of Magdalena Russocka. In her world, wild stallions roam snowy landscapes and female warriors are accompanied by their trusty wolves. They successfully transport the viewer to a realm of adventure and fantasy and are not to be missed. All photos © Magdalena Russocka Via 500px