Art Black & White Nude Photography Sculpture

Black and White Nudes by Waclaw Wantuch

Note: Contains nudity. Waclaw Wantuch is a Polish artist who does strong work in the fine art world of nude photography, taking the complexities of the body as one of his subjects. His shots of models contorted into many strange shapes are classically beautifully but also witty and inventive in their composition. All photos © Waclaw Wantuch Via […]

Art Classic Graffiti Street Art

Hail Mary: Street Artist Transforms Derelict Buildings

Ted Pim is a street artist from Northern Ireland who has taken a space not usually associated with the grand old masters of European painting (run down buildings and warehouses) and planted them in heart of it all, adding his own spin to proceedings. Out of the shadows of these dark and dreary places, he […]

Art Color Installations Sculpture

Crystal Wagner’s Colourful Paper Sculptures

Crystal Wagner, originally from Baltimore, Maryland, started out as a printmaker but gradually over time went down a more conceptual route and her large-scale installations are making quite a name for herself. Using mostly coloured pieces of paper, tissue and other such materials she draws inspiration from a number of sources, including the vast beauty […]

Art Environmental Landscape Nude Photography

Lost Bodies in Nature by Ruben Brulat

Warning: Contains nudity. Ruben Brulat is an accomplished French photographer whose series “Paths” is an interesting project that engages with themes of nature, identity and humanity. On his wandering travels through Europe and Asia he would encounter strangers along the way and some would agree to pose for him nude in the midst of some […]

Art Photography Portraits Surreal

The Dramatic Photography of Yung Cheng Lin

Yung Cheng Lin is a young Taiwanese photographer who exhibits under the pen name 3cm and has built up an impressive portfolio of distorted portraits of human anatomy. They are naturally quite surreal and really make you see the body in a different light, through a mix of visual trickery and artful posing by the models. […]

Animals Art Color Illustration

Detailed Illustrations of War by Mu Pan

Mu Pan has created an impressive body of work, detailed masterpieces where we witness bloody battle scenes orchestrated between human and non-human creatures. The brutality and gore on display can be quite shocking when you first see them. But his illustrations are more then this though and they touch on important themes to do with ecology, animal extinction […]

Color Movies Special Feature

The Exuberant Cinematography of Zhang Yimou

Seen by many as one of the giants of Chinese cinema and included within the 5th Generation of filmmakers, Zhang Yimou is revered the world over for his highly distinct style. Starting his career as a bit of a rebel who made independent films that enraged the ruling Communist Party, he wisely realised that if you […]

Black & White Illusion Photography

Eva Stenram and her Photographic Illusions

A great devourer of images, the photographer Eva Stenram shifts through many sources from negatives and online pictures in order to build her captivating black and white illusions. Her project “Parts” uses simple compositions and a slightly erotic mood in order to pull the viewer into her world of tricks and mystery. Images © Eva […]

Art Nude Photography

Fisheye Perspectives of the Body by Roger Weiss

Note: Contains nudity. It’s hard to find new ways and angles to shoot nudes these days, it feels like everything has been done before. Roger Weiss has certainly put a fresh spin on it by photographing his models from his Fisheye perspective. This way nothing is hidden and parts of the body which are usually invisible, […]

Art Dark Art Fashion Photography Portraits

Don’t Speak: Witty Portraits by Thibault Delhom

Note: Contains nudity. Thibault Delhom finds interesting ways to infuse his portraits with a creative edge, whether it’s by digitally adding lines and graphics or by using surreal props like an anatomically correct hand. The colour scheme is made up of predominately darker tonalities and he achieves a high level of contrast which is great to […]