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Spectral Beasts in the Shadowy Fantasy Realms of Jade Mere

Jade Mere - Illusive and Sightless

Jade Mere is a writer and illustrator with a passion for fantasy, science fiction, and the paranormal. Humans and animals are her favorite subjects, and this post features a selection of the latter. Just like the moonlit waters of Mere’s Pacific-Northwest home, the animals are filled with phosphorescence, light leaking from their eyes, mouths, and skin, overflowing with magic. Like visions in a dream, the use of neon colors in an otherwise-shadowy forest world draws the eye and heightens the sense of ephemerality surrounding these spectral beasts. Follow Mere on Instagram.

Jade Mere - ghost dog

Jade Mere - weeping tiger

Jade Mere - skeleton tiger

Jade Mere - Blue

Jade Mere - Gold Drip cat

Jade Mere - Harness (cover)

Jade Mere - skull tiger

Jade Mere - Gold Drop fox

Images © Jade Mere

Via Behance