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In a world where there are millions of people, it can be easy for many artistic creations to be unseen, and that’s why events like the A’ Design Awards have its purpose—reviewing and selecting works for all of us to see.

Of course, it requires registering your project to the competition, preferably your best creation, and then waiting for the results published on April 15 on the Internet. Being an award-winner is a benefit for your professional career—your résumé.

Get a feel for past A’ Design award-winning projects in this article, specifically from the “Arts, Crafts, Ready-Made Design” and “Photography” categories. Also view the 100 creative fields to compete in.

Extended deadline: February 28, 2020.

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Above: The charmingly envisioned, “Coral Heart Installation” by Sammy Liu.

crystal scupture, wood circle, Grain and Fire Portal Crystal Light Sculpture by Sunny Jackson

Grain and Fire Portal” is a sculpture reflecting the raw beauty of nature and the effects of time.

The Fire of Holy Spirit Art Exhibition by Yi Chen and Muchen Zhang, red strings

For the “Fire and Holy Spirit” exhibition, artists Yi Chen and Muchen Zhang used materials like steel wire and red thread.

art installation, lighting, Wavelet by GeeksArt Co.Ltd

GeeksArt has produced this art installation with interactive light-and-colors.

mirror art installation, outdoor, Eighteen Art Installation by Ketan Jawdekar

Elle Decor India hired Ketan Jawdekar to create an art installation to celebrate their 18th anniversary.

Sound Circles Taiwan Sonic Textile Installation by Hyojin Yoo and Nupur Mathur

Sound Circles Taiwan,” a sound-art project by Hyojin Yoo and Nupur Mathur.

ocean wave, black and white, Lastlight - Ocean Calls For Help Fine Art Photography by Roberta Borges

Photographer Roberta Borges wants to raise awareness about keeping our oceans’ clean.

landscape photography, Posten Norge Visual Branding by Soren Nielsen

Soren Nielsen creates this photo series for the Norwegian postal service.

abstract, black and white photo, Dialogue with The Shadow Art Photography by Atsushi Maeda

Dialogue with the Shadow” is abstract, experimental pictures by Atsushi Maeda.

rooster, Return Sculpture by Han Dong

Visual artist Han Doug displays his bronze sculptures in a Beijing art museum.

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