Category: Technology

Graham Fink Creates Amazing Drawings Using Only His Eyes

Graham Fink is an innovative British artist who is taking his work in very exciting directions, combining brave new technology with traditional drawing practises. Aided by software that he developed in conjunction with tech-companies in China, Fink uses eye tracking to create drawings without putting so much as a single pencil to paper. The process […]

Sony Launches “Never Before Seen” to Promote New Action Cam

Inspired by the words “Never Before Seen,” Sony has launched an exciting campaign in connection with filmmakers and artists to create a series of movies using their new Action Cam. There will be 20 films in total, and to start off they’ve released three. The first one is “The Picture Machine” by Studio Nos who […]

Amazing Kickstarter Products to Buy in 2015

Every month there are new products being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, some projects have flopped while others get so much support from backers that they surprisingly do much better than expected. A few examples are displayed here: Glow LLC asking for $100K in funding for their illuminated earphones and will be receiving near half-million dollars. Another […]