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Amazing Kickstarter Products to Buy in 2015

Every month there are new products being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, some projects have flopped while others get so much support from backers that they surprisingly do much better than expected. A few examples are displayed here: Glow LLC asking for $100K in funding for their illuminated earphones and will be receiving near half-million dollars. Another […]

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Geeky Jellies Make Music

“Noisy Jelly” is a prototype developed by Raphael Pluvinage and Marianne Cauvard, whom state that each person can create his/her own jelly with agar agar powder, coloring, and a mold. 10 minutes later the gelatin is solidified, and it can be placed on a capacitive sensing game board. And by touching the jelly, it will create […]

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Handheld Inkjet Prints on Any Flat Surface

“Hold it in your hand and sweep back and forth just like a brush! It’s magic.” This is the slogan for the “PrintBrush 4X6,” a pocket-sized inkjet printer with a built-in digital camera. I’m curious to see how well this device prints on different surfaces, especially because it is inkjet. The “PrintBrush 4×6” shall be […]

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Invisible to Visible Image through Different Lighting

Architect and software engineer Drzach & Suchy have invented “Shadow Casting Panels” that are white panels with multiple images in each single object. It is almost like a hide-and-seek effect, e.g. to view Marilyn Monroe’s picture the light has to be positioned to morning view, and to see Marilyn Manson’s portrait the light changes to […]

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Stay “Still”

This complex contraption spells the word “Still” from light hitting magnify glasses to a wall. It was made by Ian Burns, and has been on display at The Armory Show 2011.

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Transparent Bubble Rooms

The “BubbleHut” and “BubbleLodge” are spaces that allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while being in a comfortable home environment. I.e. you can sit on a couch or lay in bed, but with the bonus that you can view the ocean up close or watch the stars at night. Notes about “The […]

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It is like riding a Hang-Glider on the Ground

“StreetFlyer” is a sports vehicle that will give you the sensation of flying while still on the ground. Although the idea is promising, in my opinion, the vehicle doesn’t look that functional from an athlete’s standpoint. It obligates the user to bend his/her knees to a point that isn’t comfortable to run. However, based on […]