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The Sinking World: Magical Photomontages by Andreas Franke

Andreas Franke is an award-winning commercial photographer based in Vienna. After diving in the Caribbean, he was inspired to create art that both expressed the beauty of the ocean, and interacted directly with it. The resulting series is called “The Sinking World,” starting with composite photographs that combine underwater shots with studio images of costumed […]

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Stories of Death and Creation in Illustrations by Lauren Marx

Lauren Marx is an artist based in St. Louis, Missouri, who tells stories about birth, death, nature, and the suffering caused by mental illness. Her subjects are animals (her longstanding passion), which she draws with a morbid and mythical flair; peruse her gallery and you will see three-headed calves, geese entwined by their entrails, and […]

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Origins: Dreamy Photography by Marta Bevacqua

Marta Bevacqua is an Italian fashion photographer based in Paris. Initially drawn to the art form by street photography, Bevacqua is passionate about capturing the essence of people and situations in her work. Her style is conceptual and haunting, and she uses color, light, and landscapes to unfold detailed emotional stories about her subjects. Featured […]

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Fish-Eyed Omens: Surreal Paintings by Hannah Faith Yata

Note: Contains nudity and sexual references. The world of Hannah Faith Yata is a psychedelic, symbolic feast. Interested in themes of feminism, environmental degradation, and morality, she produces large oil paintings of hybrid creatures in distorted worlds. Fish and fish-headed women—effectively, reverse mermaids—are recurring motifs, blurring mythology with a pained surrealism; their staring, lidless eyes […]

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Si Scott’s Curlicue Animal and Insect Art

These gorgeous illustrations are by London-based visual artist Si Scott. In addition to this, he also does work as a designer and a tattoo artist. The diversity of the animal kingdom serves as inspiration for this series, as we see eagles, rams and wasps re-invented by Scott’s intricate pen. The detail is inspiring and the finish is […]

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Incredible 3-D Resin Paintings

When you first gaze upon the work of Singapore artist Keng Lye, your eyes are lulled into a false sense of the normal: live goldfish swimming in unison underwater, or a turtle lapping by a pool catch are not what they first appear. If you look a little harder, you will find that they are […]

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Cherry Picking Art

I wouldn’t have imagined that placing fruit with fish would result in such beautiful paintings. Anne Middleton’s art is influenced from her classical studies of Baroque and Renaissance periods. She even learnt traditional tempera and fresco in Italy. And for her latest work she uses European oil glazing techniques, “which involve the use of many […]

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The Garden of Good and Evil

Vibrant and colorful, Aitch’s paintings are influenced from nature, fairy tales, and traditional Romanian arts and crafts (e.g. Horezu ceramics).

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Under the Sea

Photographer Mark Laita takes breathtaking underwater pictures for his series entitled “Sea.”

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The Sardine Run

Beautiful underwater photography by Alexander Safonov.