Art Body Art Classic Etching & Engraving Tattoo

Etching-Style Tattoos by Marco Matarese

Etching has a long place in our history. In terms of printmaking, it dates back to the 15th century. Back then, a pointed etching needle would scratch away at metal plates, and its style characterized with fine, precise lines. Marco C. Matarese translates this style into modern times but trades metal plates for skin. His […]

Art Etching & Engraving Landscape LGBTQ Storytelling Tattoo

Imaginative Half-Sleeve Landscape Tattoos by Lisa Orth

Lisa Orth’s life and work is defined by the art she creates. Originally from Seattle, where she worked as the Art Director for Sub Pop records and was celebrated among the city’s queer and club scene (you can watch a documentary about her life here), she has since relocated to Los Angeles, where she focuses […]