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Eastern Asian Cultures Influence Daldam’s Tattoos

Daldam is a 29-year-old tattooer who draws inspiration from Chinese art, Japanese mythology, and Korean culture. She travels back in time to the period of porcelain vases and goblin legends to delicately tattoo these themes on her clients’ bodies. Peonies, massive waves, and tigers all have significant meaning in the East, which she is aware […]

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From Berlin with Love: Tattoo Flash by Brian Kelly

Prolific tattooists Ben Corday and Sailor Jerry have continued to inspire new generations—think: sailing ships, pin-up girls, skulls and hearts—all of those symbols defined the “American Old-School Tattoos.” The same icons that US-native Brian Kelly has revived on skins and in tattoo flash. “Sometimes I use liquid acrylic for the white parts of the paintings. […]

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10 Extraordinary Banned Horror Movies You Have To See

Horror movies have always sort to push the boundaries of taste and decency. Since the birth of the genre proper, in the 1930s, select titles have proven a challenge to censorship boards and morality groups, who champion clean and wholesome entertainment. Can horror movies corrupt young minds? Can horror movies turn audiences into drooling maniacs? […]

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Rupturing the Norm: Empowering Tattoos by Disinhibition

Disinhibition (a.k.a., Adam Traves) is a Melbourne-based self-taught queer tattoo artist exploring identity and empowerment. He was one of our “10 Tattooers to Look Out for in 2017,” and rightfully so: not only is his style eye-grabbing with its playful distortions and pink-and-red designs, but it celebrates queer identity. Whether he’s tattooing gay erotica, amorous […]

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David Gluck Interview: Transitioning From Painting to Tattooing

While David Gluck has only been inking bodies for a few years, he has been inking canvases for over a decade. His oil paintings evoke classical artists like Rembrandt in their use of light and shadow, and through careful practice he has brought that style to his tattoos as well. His friendly and engaging demeanor […]

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Etching-Style Tattoos by Marco Matarese

Etching has a long place in our history. In terms of printmaking, it dates back to the 15th century. Back then, a pointed etching needle would scratch away at metal plates, and its style characterized with fine, precise lines. Marco C. Matarese translates this style into modern times but trades metal plates for skin. His […]

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Creepy Canada: 10 Horror Films from the North

Despite its picturesque views of mountains, sun-kissed prairies, and deep woods, Canada has a reputation for being a bizarre and scary place. In 1971, Canadian literary theorist Northrop Frye argued that the main trend (or symptom) in Canadian poetry was “a terror of the soul” invoked by the vast and unfeeling landscape.[1] While critics have […]

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Beardin-Lazursky’s Alluring Images of Martyrs and Clairvoyants

Collaborating with photographer Dmitry Nedikhalow and makeup artist Tatyana Chekmezova, Alexander Beardin-Lazursky creates the Latin titled project “Obelisk of Ignorabimus,” which inspires and fuses images of futurism with traditional Russian art. Taking this aesthetic even further in his next series, “Three of Swords,” Beardin-Lazursky influences again from Eastern Orthodox Icons—positioning isolated figures center of framing […]

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Distorted Portraits in a Dreamlike State by Henrik Uldalen

Self-taught artist Henrik Uldalen puts a contemporary spin on 19th century figurative painting. Combining realistic styling with distortion, portraits of people are wiped away and obscured, as if Uldalen is trying to erase their memory. He’s interested in the dark side of life, exploring themes of nihilism, existentialism, and loneliness, juxtaposed with subjects’ vulnerable beauty. […]

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The Baroque Dreamers: Photography by Aitor Frías & Cecilia Jiménez

Elegant chiaroscuro hands are depicted in Aitor FrĂ­as & Cecilia JimĂ©nez’s photograph, “The Clay and the Potter”—a Baroque study that was published in Vogue Italia. Other series like “Dreamers” and “The Waiting” hint their recurring inspiration in 17th-century art, the latter playing with light and shadows in a manner that resembles the work of 20th-century master […]