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StickerYeti: Superior Stickers that Make Your Brand Actually ‘Stick’!

Taller than a human, “StickerYeti” is an ape-like creature that no longer lives in the Himalayan mountains, he relocated to sunny Miami (Florida) for tanning, stickers and fun. From cute to crazy, glamorous to gory, and everything in between — the Yeti and his posse produce custom stickers, iron-on labels, floor decals, and more. Upload […]

Art Classic Color Mixed Media Painting Printmaking & Engraving Tattoo

From Berlin with Love: Tattoo Flash by Brian Kelly

Prolific tattooists Ben Corday and Sailor Jerry have continued to inspire new generations—think: sailing ships, pin-up girls, skulls and hearts—all of those symbols defined the “American Old-School Tattoos.” The same icons that US-native Brian Kelly has revived on skins and in tattoo flash. “Sometimes I use liquid acrylic for the white parts of the paintings. […]

Art Printmaking & Engraving Tattoo Wood

Tattoo-Inspired Woodcuts by Bryn Perrott

Bryn Perrott’s cool wood carvings are the result of: A) she was a printmaking major in college, B) she has worked in a tattoo shop which influenced her illustration style. Some of her designs have a cartoon flair, for example the Grim Reaper who is flustered as he surfs four waves near a paradisiac island; another […]

Art Insects Printmaking & Engraving

A Linoleum Block Print

“Decline” is the title of Holly Avery’s newest linocut that is related with endangered flowers and insects found in California. Her work was printed in dark brown with a monotype blue background on white paper, and is currently being sold at Etsy.

Art Food & Drinks Printmaking & Engraving

Illuminated Egg Art

Vietnamese craftsman Vnarts gently carves illustrations on eggshells, and then puts a led light in each one. His work from landscape to portrait art can be purchased at the Dieu Khac Mien Tay gallery.

Art Black & White Printmaking & Engraving

Iris Linocut

I have very little information about the artist. What I know is Orr Gidon made this detailed lino print titled, “Telepath.” If anyone knows more about this art piece or printmaker, please send an email to Illusion.

Art Birds Flowers and Plants Printmaking & Engraving

Nature Inspired Linocuts

Working from her home in Norfolk, England, Amanda Colville passionately cuts linoleum sheets to make colorful patterns and other designs. From artwork to be displayed on walls to greeting cards, she ink impresses by hand, but Colville is also known for using an old washing mangle as a printing press. The latter connecting to her […]

Art Black & White Portraits Printmaking & Engraving

Thurbin’s Linocuts

Brit illustrator John C. Thurbin is fond of working with linoleum and ink. And it is interesting to see pictures of his work in progress. Some of his final prints have been showcased in group art shows in United Kingdom and Spain.

Clothing Design Printmaking & Engraving Typography

Old-School T-Shirt Printing

Born in the United States, Aaron von Freter has been working in apparel design for over 13 years in Europe. He illustrates and also manually prints images with rubber-stamp blocks on cloth. This printing technique has evolved over centuries, however, the earliest surviving examples are from China, dated before the year 220, “and woodblock printing […]

Art Printmaking & Engraving

Linocut Illustrations

These are beautiful and intricate linocut prints by Natasha Russell. The watercolor background really gives her work another layer and dynamic.