classic sculpture tattoo

Etching-Style Tattoos by Marco Matarese

devil tattoo, etching style tattoo

Etching has a long place in our history. In terms of printmaking, it dates back to the 15th century. Back then, a pointed etching needle would scratch away at metal plates, and its style characterized with fine, precise lines. Marco C. Matarese translates this style into modern times but trades metal plates for skin. His work has the same fine line that instantly reads as etching but often with a surrealist twist. Creatures heads are elongated and twisted, while the bodies of whales contain a portrait of the human eye. Although based in Italy (where etching got its start), Matarese travels for his tattoos. In July, he was in Amsterdam.

classic sculpture tattoo

whale with human eyes, tattoo

whale and eye tattoo, surreal

Etching style tattoo by Marco Matarese

etching tattoo on arm

human with bird head

finger and acorn tattoo

mermaid tattoo on leg

Etching style tattoo by Marco Matarese

Images © Marco Matarese.

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