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BDSM Gayness: Tattoos by Phillippe Fernandez

He was a graphic and motion designer, yet that wasn’t enough, so he began tattooing for fun and that fun became a full-time job. Currently working at AKA Berlin since 2009, the Spaniard Phillippe Fernandez has numerous tattoos resembling scenes from Massive (gay erotic Manga), Tom Finland and Brokeback Mountain. Leather boots and harnesses, police […]

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Rupturing the Norm: Empowering Tattoos by Disinhibition

Disinhibition (a.k.a., Adam Traves) is a Melbourne-based self-taught queer tattoo artist exploring identity and empowerment. He was one of our “10 Tattooers to Look Out for in 2017,” and rightfully so: not only is his style eye-grabbing with its playful distortions and pink-and-red designs, but it celebrates queer identity. Whether he’s tattooing gay erotica, amorous […]

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Sex Positive Figure Drawings by Brittny Abad

“Sex positivity is a theme I explore a lot in my figure drawings,” tattooer Brittny Abad points out. “Body- and sex-related topics were very taboo while I was growing up, so I left to figure out myself on my own terms.” A queer kid raised by ’80s pop culture, Abad’s Memphis-Milano siren song is set to […]

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Imaginative Half-Sleeve Landscape Tattoos by Lisa Orth

Lisa Orth’s life and work is defined by the art she creates. Originally from Seattle, where she worked as the Art Director for Sub Pop records and was celebrated among the city’s queer and club scene (you can watch a documentary about her life here), she has since relocated to Los Angeles, where she focuses […]

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10 Photographers Capturing Beautifully Strange Nudes

In photography, much like other mediums, the nude body has been an eternal muse, acting as the site for creativity and the performance of human experience. While depictions of beauty and perfection have traditionally been more widely accepted (especially in our age of preened social media accounts), there is something to be said about strange […]

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10 Exciting LGBT Movies to See in 2017

While LBGT cinema is a burgeoning genre, these films often struggle to make an impact with mainstream audiences. However, in an incredibly memorable moment at the 2016 Oscars, “Moonlight” won the award for Best Picture in 2016. A film about a young person of color coming to terms with his sexuality not only received a […]

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10 Erotic Foreign Films to Push Your Boundaries

North American sensibilities towards sex are often considered repressive—and even downright puritanical—as compared to those of Europe and South America. In the United States and Canada, this history of repression extends to the point where a frank and healthy discussion of consent and sexual exploration in our media is almost unheard of; after all, sex […]

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Otherness: Unguarded, Expressive Portraits by Andres Marti

You can see hints of Baroque and Romanticism in the latest photographic series by Andres Marti. Titled “Otredad” (Otherness), the work relates to days that one is understood as a whole and other days that that whole is fragmented. “The human is filled and empty in a cycle that I do not understand,” comments Marti; […]

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Fine Art Nude Photography and Painting on Ello

Note: Contains nudity. Social media sharing opens up endless opportunities for modern artists to get their work seen, to feel and give support, and to be part of a community of likewise creative souls. It’s nothing new—artists have been forming leagues for centuries, sharing and criticizing, supporting and learning from one another. What’s different now […]

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10 Erotic Arthouse Films Exploring the Complexity of Love and Desire

Desire is fluid and fluctuating, and few forces are as powerful in their influence over our bodies and minds. Deriving from eros, the Greek word for desire, eroticism is the philosophical examination of love and desire as they manifest in literature, photography, film, and other art forms. Eroticism charges human stories with tenderness and connection, […]