Author: Morgan English

Goddess and Warrior Tattoos Handpoked by Tati Compton

Wild curiosity and strong independence give Tati Compton a unique voice in modern tattooing. Inspired by myths, mysticism and folklore from around the world, she handpokes figures of divine empowerment. Athena, Greek goddess of war, leaps into battle with grace. Ala, Nigerian Earth Mother, beams with natural hair and a halo of energy. There’s Circe, […]

Dark Pop Art Portrait Tattoos by Andrey Volkov

Darker than Lichtenstein, more surreal than Warhol, tattooer Andrey Volkov retrofits ’60s pop with the spirit of 2017. His screenprint-esque silhouettes are coming unraveled, exhausted and alone. The dotwork may mimic halftone comic strips, but the groupings are looser, skewed and uneasy. Sometimes he even shatters the portrait itself, letting eyes and ears just float […]

A Korean Twist on Iconic Fine Art: Pitta KKM Tattoos

Art masterpieces get revamped by Korean tattooer, Pitta KKM. From Picasso to Michelangelo to Magritte, from the waves of Hokusai to the temples of Chūta, KKM pulls inspiration from all over, updating their work through the lens of his heritage. “In Korea, there are traditional colors called ‘오방색’ (five direction colors),” he explains. “Blue, white, […]

Tattooing the Spirit of Wanderlust with Balazs Bercsenyi

“I need to keep life interesting, always experiencing something new.” Hungarian artist Balazs Bercsenyi, of New York’s iconic Bang Bang Tattoo, has an insatiable appetite for exploration. “I’m a Sagittarius, so there’s a lot of fire in me,” he says with a warm smile, sipping on a cappuccino. “You could say there’s a spirit of wanderlust and […]

Seductive Japanese Mask Tattoos by Suzani

“She can seduce any man she wants with her mesmerizing beauty.” Korean tattooer Suzani lovingly describes Tomie, a Japanese horror manga character, and the root of her creative inspiration. “Men couldn’t control their love toward her, so they killed her. Murdered, and buried into pieces. But no matter how many times they killed her, she came back […]

The Meditative Tattoo Process of Kat Alden

Brazilian newcomer Kat Alden began tattooing to “support people in the process of building homes for their spirits.” She feels the body is a house for the soul, an empty space in need of decor before it feels more like a home. “A tattoo can change the way a person sees themselves,” she explains. “It can change their behavior, which […]

Absurdist and Avant-Garde Ink by Heavenly Beauty Tattoo

Avant-garde artist Ilia Zharkov is hungry for the madness that lies just beneath the surface. As an engineer, he fell in love with geometric precision. As a Moscow-based Millennial, he learned that perfection is also usually a lie. Whether we’re whitewashing our own stories with photo filters, or covering up scandals with propaganda, flawless images only […]