Imaginative Half-Sleeve Landscape Tattoos by Lisa Orth

Lisa Orth tattoo - Adam, trees and fog

Lisa Orth’s life and work is defined by the art she creates. Originally from Seattle, where she worked as the Art Director for Sub Pop records and was celebrated among the city’s queer and club scene (you can watch a documentary about her life here), she has since relocated to Los Angeles, where she focuses on her renowned tattoo art. Orth is very dedicated to her signature style, which is characterized by imaginative landscapes and flawless linework. Like print reliefs from an old book, her work has a feeling of esotericism and myth, whereby the story of a landscape is told through the quality of swirling and radiating lines. She works primarily in black ink, but adds color here and there when she feels it accentuates the image. Visit her impressive Instagram portfolio to see more.

Lisa Orth tattoo - Adam, elemental landscape Lisa Orth, tattoo - Beth, earth astrology Lisa Orth, tattoo - VC waves clouds Lisa Orth, tattoo - Shayna, morro rock
Lisa Orth, tattoo - Korey, waves & ship Lisa Orth, tattoo - Marcin, death stars Lisa Orth, tattoo - Derek, northwest Lisa Orth, tattoo - Michelle, explorer ship Lisa Orth, tattoo - Ray, redwoods & bear Lisa Orth, tattoo - Robert, Donahue pass
Images © Lisa Orth
Hayley Evans

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