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Mallozzi Examines the Intricacies of Personal Relationships in Series “Familiars”

In Jean-Paul Mallozzi’s “Familiars,” his latest series of paintings and drawings, he broadens his fascination with the human condition and the inherent, nuanced complexities of personal relationships, specifically intimate male relationships, which are often hyper-sexualized, stigmatized and pigeon-holed for queer/lgbt eyes only in the visual art world. These images challenge society’s rigid and conflicting constructs […]

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10 Contemporary Canadian Artists Who Reimagine Frontiers

Canadian art has been historically recognized for its representations of the country’s magnificent landscapes. Near the beginning of the twentieth century, the Group of Seven set out to capture Canada’s cultural spirit by painting the transcendent force of the wilderness. Their work reflects the purity, beauty, and mystery of nature—the mythos of the untameable Canadian […]

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10 Photographers Who Tell Stories with Controversial Imagery

Photography has long been a window into our social psyches, capturing not only scenes of beauty, but also the hidden underbellies of human experience: decadence, struggle, violence, passion, and despair. The word “controversial” is often used to describe these artists, because they rupture and/or critique the boundaries of normativity, thereby causing discomfort. Below is a […]

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Robert Mapplethorpe’s Photography: BDSM and Beyond

Note: Contains sexual references and nudity. True artists are distinguished by the complex emotions they bring to the artistic process and by the enduring impact of their art. In the 1970s Robert Mapplethorpe, in his 20s, conceived of a successful career as a photographer. From the start, his work stunned the art world. More than […]

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Jeremy Enecio Reveals Secrets About His Paintings

Note: Contains nudity. Using acrylic and oil paints, Jeremy Enecio beautifully combines pink and blue tones in some of his artwork. He explores complex subject matters, for example in the painting at top titled “Familiar,” it is related with a familiar spirit appearing in the form of an animal and how humans are closely connected […]

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Homoerotic Art: Romance Among Warriors

Note: Contains sexual references. A sexual tone is present in Aenaluck’s vast collection of drawings and paintings. Many of her characters are inspired by the open world fantasy video game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. There are Barbarian-style warriors posing their perfectly toned bodies, while others seem curious to have romantic relationships with brothers-in-arms. Her […]

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Inspiring LGBT Artists

LGBT artists have historically existed outside the mainstream art world. This position has given them a unique perspective to comment on a range of themes and issues, pertaining to gender, identity and society in their art. In spite of this historical bias there are many names who have broken through and enjoyed A-List status in […]

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Beautiful Erotic Movies

Sexual and erotic scenes in cinema are one of those things that are very easy to get wrong and especially difficult to get right. But with the right photography, actors and mood generated it can be quite beautiful, as the films in this list demonstrate… Top: Niels Schneider strips down in “Heartbeats” (2010). A luminous […]