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10 Best Tattooers of 2014—Editor’s Picks

Note: Contains nudity. Selecting the best tattooers, the best movies, the best of most things and put it into an article will generally cause controversy among readers, because we all have our preferences, opinions. But that’s okay, art is supposed to be subjective. The goal of this article is to group some of my favorite […]

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Top 10 Articles of 2014

At the start of 2014, we closed Scene 360 website to focus on Illusion online magazine. We welcomed new writers to the team, expanded our Tattoo section and opened new ones like Cinema and Erotic. Published longer articles and interviews. Focused on what you (the reader) are interested in, and wrote articles based on that. […]

Best of 2014 Movies Special Feature

30 Best Movies of 2014

During the year, certain films stick out from the crowd. However, writing up lists can be a pain. You end up leaving plenty of worthy titles by the wayside. What you freaked out about in January can be forgotten by September. It happens. Some movies that my fellow critics raved about, I don’t see as […]

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10 Best Submissions from Readers in 2014

This year, many fine artists have shared their exciting projects with Illusion as part of our Community section. It has been our hard task to pick the 10 best submissions for 2014, from all your entries. Hopefully there will be something for everyone in our selection, from paintings to digital portraits and mixed-media art. Let […]

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10 Movies You Should Check Out in 2014

The beginning of the year marks a fresh page of excitement for film fans. We hold “great expectations.” The big question on everybody’s lips is this: “Will 2014 be as good as 2013?” There was something about the previous year—and many of the films released—that had audience and critics agreeing that it was a very […]

Art Best of 2014 Body Art Hottest! Tattoo

Tattooers to Look Out For in 2014

With fine art tattoos trending worldwide, great artists are booked solid for months. So here’s a pro-tip, for anyone frustrated and stuck on a wait list: keep an eye out for newcomers!  At every great shop around the world, you can strike gold with a rising tattoo apprentice or new resident artist. It’s the perfect time […]

Art Best of 2014 Body Art Hottest! Tattoo

Kamil Czapiga’s Dot and Black Work

Kamil Czapiga’s tattoos look great as a one piece on someone’s arm, without the clutter of other designs. His work is inspired by old engravings, wildlife, Slavic mythology, music and imaginary worlds. If you love his style, he is available for appointments in his Katowice studio in Poland. Photos © Kamil Czapiga Via Tattrx

Art Best of 2014 City Digital Hottest!

In the Heart of the Neon Manga City

Currently living in London, this Belgium concept artist Jonas De Ro has envisioned beautiful cityscapes as part of his personal art collection, and also commissioned work for the film and gaming industries. He uses tools and software like Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Wacom Intuos and ZBrush to create these detailed scenes with contrasting colors and natural […]

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Dali’s Skull Illusion Still Inspires

Note: Contains nudity. A skull formed by seven nude women is an optical illusion by Salvador Dali, who first made a gouache painting of it titled “In Voluptas Mors” which translates to a desirable death. In 1951, he adapted the work to a live photo shoot with Latvia photographer Philippe Halsman, as shown in the […]

Best of 2014 Erotic Hottest! LGBTQ Movies Special Feature

Beautiful Erotic Movies

Sexual and erotic scenes in cinema are one of those things that are very easy to get wrong and especially difficult to get right. But with the right photography, actors and mood generated it can be quite beautiful, as the films in this list demonstrate… Top: Niels Schneider strips down in “Heartbeats” (2010). A luminous […]