Homoerotic Art: Romance Among Warriors

medieval man with cloak by aenaluck

Note: Contains sexual references.

A sexual tone is present in Aenaluck’s vast collection of drawings and paintings. Many of her characters are inspired by the open world fantasy video game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. There are Barbarian-style warriors posing their perfectly toned bodies, while others seem curious to have romantic relationships with brothers-in-arms. Her art is indeed her own storytelling of these characters; and it does remind me a bit of a movie I watched: “Gohatto” (1999)—a plot about homosexuality among samurais.

muscled guy with glove by Aenaluck erotic scene, drawing by aenaluck warrior romance by aenaluck warrior drawing by aenaluck
various sketchbook drawings by aenaluck man with silver hair, drawing by aenaluck homoerotic warrior scene by aenaluck


drunk man warrior by aenaluck aenaluck-10 aenaluck computer space
Artwork © Aenaluck

Via Drawing Pencil
Adriana de Barros

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