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State of Grace Tattoo Studio’s Twentieth Anniversary

We interviewed tattoo legend Takahiro “Taki” Kitamura; we are now in San Jose, California, for his studio’s 20th-anniversary celebration. In addition to permanent and guest artists tattooing in the shop, there is street art, a panel discussion, an art display, and much more. State of Grace studio collaborated with Empire Seven Studios, the Japanese American […]

Midnight’s Illumination: Night Photography by Elsa Bleda

The world is truly a different place at night; submerged into stillness and shadow, familiar places become as otherworldly as the bottom of the ocean. Elsa Bleda is a photographer and visionary who captures the haunting power of this nightly transformation. A focus of her work is her home, the city of Johannesburg. “There are […]

Aesthetics of Melancholy: Poetic Photography by Natalia Drepina

The ghosts of sorrow, tragedy, and loneliness wander the dormant forests of Natalia Drepina’s photography. Based in a small city in Russia, Drepina brings her love for the silence and solitude of the countryside into her art, exploring the way twisted roots, animal bones, and rain-wet earth reflect the chilled tenderness of the soul in […]

Light Through Shadow: Photography by Krist Mort

Austria-based Krist Mort is a photographer creating ethereal, black-and-white images of figures in forests and overgrown rooms. Using analog cameras and darkroom printing, her process is hands-on and deeply intuitive, producing a quality of grittiness and grain that reflect the weathered nature of being alive and pressed through time (“Heathen Harvest” wrote a fascinating piece […]

Scott Listfield: Astronauts, and a Critical Look at Modern Society

As a child, Scott Listfield was promised a future filled with flying cars and robot companions. When those never materialized, he started creating art that captured his sense of alienation from the modern world. His works often center around a featureless astronaut exploring a world filled with symbols of modern day life: McDonald’s signs, vintage […]

Moody, Symbolic Street Art by Dan Ferrer

Dan Ferrer is a self-taught street artist and illustrator from Spain. His colorful, large-scale works are symbolic and surreal with touches of photorealism; no matter what public surface he is working on, Ferrer uses color and composition to create lifelike characters with realistic skin tones, textures, and expressions. His works carry deep meanings, often derived […]

Photographer Nicolas Bruno’s Haunting Visions of Sleep Paralysis

Nicolas Bruno is a photographer who composes surreal scenes based on his experiences with sleep paralysis, a rare phenomenon that renders an individual immobilized in a hallucinatory state between dreams and awakening. In an interview with VICE, Bruno describes sleep paralysis as an experience of “purgatory,” a floating, liminal state that, for him, is inhabited […]

Transformation and Stillness in Masha Sardari’s Beautiful Photography

Born in Moldova in 1994, photographer Masha Sardari now lives and works in Florida. Discovering her art form in 2010, she quickly developed her own imaginative style, characterized by a “square format, deep colors, and mysterious events.” These events are set in secret places—such as a clearing in a forest, or the remains of a […]

Feral Femininity in Charlotte Grimm’s Dark Fantasy Photography

Note: Contains nudity. Shadows, forests, and women meld together in the dark fantasy photography of Charlotte Grimm. Based in Leipzig, Saxony, Grimm strives to capture the “magic of frozen moments,” revealing human essence through intimate and moody imagery. In fairy-tale scenes that poetically explore the nuances of feminine energy, we see tameless women curled up […]

Bigger Than Us: The Lone Cosmonaut by David Schermann

David Schermann is a conceptual photographer based in Vienna. In a recent project titled “Bigger Than Us,” Schermann brought a Russian spacesuit deep into the mountains of Vorarlberg, Austria. Digitally painted red, the sweeping mountains and valleys take on an otherworldly quality, like a deserted mirror of Earth. Both familiar and alien, the setting provides […]