Dan Ferrer - The First Stab

Moody, Symbolic Street Art by Dan Ferrer

mural, man yelling

Dan Ferrer is a self-taught street artist and illustrator from Spain. His colorful, large-scale works are symbolic and surreal with touches of photorealism; no matter what public surface he is working on, Ferrer uses color and composition to create lifelike characters with realistic skin tones, textures, and expressions. His works carry deep meanings, often derived from wisdom surrounding social phenomena; for example, “Imbalance”—which depicts a blindfolded woman balancing a bowl of meat with a human heart—conveys how “what is profitable and ‘feeds the belly’ is not always balanced with what . . . ‘feeds the soul.'” Ferrer also works on canvas and participates in urban art festivals around the world. Visit his Ello page and website to learn more.

Dan Ferrer - The First Stab

the first stab, painting

Dan Ferrer - From Lamb to Fox, grandmother and granddaughter, mural

zoom of grandmother, wolf, street art

Dan Ferrer - Humpty Dumpty

the artist spray painting, dan ferrer

imbalance, graffiti piece, woman and weighing hearts

Dan Ferrer - See

Images © Dan Ferrer

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