Light Through Shadow: Photography by Krist Mort

Krist Mort - face

Austria-based Krist Mort is a photographer creating ethereal, black-and-white images of figures in forests and overgrown rooms. Using analog cameras and darkroom printing, her process is hands-on and deeply intuitive, producing a quality of grittiness and grain that reflect the weathered nature of being alive and pressed through time (“Heathen Harvest” wrote a fascinating piece on Mort’s work). Like nature itself, change and opposition permeate throughout; “light cutting through shadow, fragility intertwined with brutality, life and death” all leave their traces on the bodies of her subjects, superimposed as a shadow, a leaf, a landscape. Forever evading certainty, Mort captures the essence of life—brief, light, dark—as it flickers through the frame and under the skin. Follow Mort on Facebook and Instagram to see more of her hauntingly beautiful work.

Krist Mort - body through grass

Krist Mort - face and leaves

Krist Mort - man by ladder

Krist Mort - shadowy face

Krist Mort - shadowy figure

Krist Mort - flower

Krist Mort - body

Krist Mort - forest

Krist Mort - overlay

Krist Mort - two people

Images © Krist Mort

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