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The Sinking World: Magical Photomontages by Andreas Franke

Andreas Franke is an award-winning commercial photographer based in Vienna. After diving in the Caribbean, he was inspired to create art that both expressed the beauty of the ocean, and interacted directly with it. The resulting series is called “The Sinking World,” starting with composite photographs that combine underwater shots with studio images of costumed […]

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Silence in Purgatory: Paintings by Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen

In the figurative paintings of Norway-based artist Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen, atmosphere takes precedence over form. Exploring what he calls the “dark sides of life,” he paints haunting visions of human bodies drifting in the deep, murky waters of “nihilism, existentialism, longing and loneliness.” While there is the appearance of submission—the figures don’t seem fraught with […]

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Bodies of Symmetry and Illusion: Photography by Maria Svarbova

Maria Svarbova is a Slovakian photographer who takes surreal photographs of people in Socialist-era public spaces. With her signature minimalist style, she focuses on color, composition, and atmosphere to harmonize the body with the surrounding architecture. The models resemble mannequins, often lined up, stacked, or turned away from the camera, creating a pervasive sense of […]

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Darkly Seductive Photography by Funnylens

Note: Contains nudity. The nude photographs of Bangkok-based Funnylens (Tanate Chantanakorn) are stylishly macabre. Channeling an underlining angst, the models curl up in smoky water and large iron tubs, their exposed body parts accentuated by ink-black shadows. Some of them are holding skulls and doll faces over their own; others are strewn with flowers. By […]

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Feral Femininity in Charlotte Grimm’s Dark Fantasy Photography

Note: Contains nudity. Shadows, forests, and women meld together in the dark fantasy photography of Charlotte Grimm. Based in Leipzig, Saxony, Grimm strives to capture the “magic of frozen moments,” revealing human essence through intimate and moody imagery. In fairy-tale scenes that poetically explore the nuances of feminine energy, we see tameless women curled up […]

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Erotic Line Work Tattoos by Silly Jane

Note: Contains nudity. Silly Jane is a travelling tattoo artist who holds a residency at BSA Tattoo in Aix-en-Provence, France. Inspired by Japanese-style art and taboo illustrations, she inks dark and sensual pieces with flawless line work. Her pensive female subjects embody an endless dreamworld, merging with water and other natural imagery. Visit Silly Jane’s […]

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Tragedy and Dreams in Photography by Monia Merlo

Monia Merlo is an Italian photographer whose fine-art portraits of women wordlessly explore emotion. Through specific location choices and the use of natural lighting, she recreates the dreamy atmosphere of pre-Raphaelite paintings. The selection featured here recalls John Everett Millais’ “Ophelia”; women float in ponds, their bodies mingling with vegetation and dark waters to create […]

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Tales of Love and Despair: Photography by Elena Helfrecht

Note: Contains nudity. The work of German photographer Elena Helfrecht is like emotional alchemy, combining dark symbols to unearth visions of beauty and despair. Inspired by the folklore and forest landscapes of Bavaria, her photos often include sylvan imagery, the moon, nude bodies, shadowed rooms, and the co-relation between life and death, dreams and awakening. […]

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Siren: The Spectral and Grim Photography of American Ghoul

Daniel Vazquez (aka, American Ghoul) is a photographer with an enduring fascination for occult mythology and the supernatural. His Instagram is a stunning and haunting collection of images that depict dark rituals, impending deaths, and robed figures stalking through empty fields. In a series called “Siren,” Vazquez shot two specters on the storm-rent shore of […]

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Enter Wenqing Yan’s Magical Anime World

Wenqing Yan’s illustrations are a tribute to the wonders of nature and anime cinema. “Princess Mononoke portrays the beauty and challenges of coexisting with mother nature so perfectly,” she says and beautifully captures that in luminous visuals that show her concern with the preservation of wildlife, forests and seas. These environmental issues are transmitted to […]