Aesthetics of Melancholy: Poetic Photography by Natalia Drepina

Natalia Drepina - Withering Kingdom
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The ghosts of sorrow, tragedy, and loneliness wander the dormant forests of Natalia Drepina’s photography. Based in a small city in Russia, Drepina brings her love for the silence and solitude of the countryside into her art, exploring the way twisted roots, animal bones, and rain-wet earth reflect the chilled tenderness of the soul in longing. She is also a poet and a music-maker working under the name “Your Schizophrenia,” composing a multi-sensory world that echoes her thematic explorations of the soft awakenings arising through isolation and grief. By aligning fragility with the ageless, dying cycles of the natural world, her work fearlessly reveals the power and untouchable grace of vulnerability. Visit her Instagram for more.

Natalia Drepina - Winter Silenced the Birds Natalia Drepina - missing eye Natalia Drepina - Half-Dead Woman Natalia Drepina - Broken Down Natalia Drepina - The Parable of Fallen
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Natalia Drepina - forest queen Natalia Drepina - forest boy Natalia Drepina - Doppelgänger Natalia Drepina - The Crown of Sacrifice Natalia Drepina - Ghostly Morning Natalia Drepina - Twilight Cyanosis Natalia Drepina - white moon horns
Images © Natalia Drepina (Your Schizophrenia)

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