Transformation and Stillness in Masha Sardari’s Beautiful Photography

Masha Sardari - At the Edge of a Mountain
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Born in Moldova in 1994, photographer Masha Sardari now lives and works in Florida. Discovering her art form in 2010, she quickly developed her own imaginative style, characterized by a “square format, deep colors, and mysterious events.” These events are set in secret places—such as a clearing in a forest, or the remains of a burnt-out house—making the viewer a voyeur into something private and profound. The models are crouched or lying still; with titles such as “The Incubation,” “The Lamentation,” and “At the Edge of a Mountain,” there is sense of of radical loss or change—perhaps even death—which verges on a form of spiritual transformation. Visit Sardari’s Flickr to view more of her beautiful and story-filled work.

Masha Sardari - The Ashen Heart Masha Sardari - In the Shadows that Lie Floating masha-sardari-01
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Masha Sardari - Gray Abandonment Masha Sardari - The Illumination Masha Sardari - The Incubation Masha Sardari - The Lamentation Masha Sardari - Incineration
Images © Masha Sardari
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