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Jeremy Enecio Reveals Secrets About His Paintings

ape biting into women's head

Note: Contains nudity.

Using acrylic and oil paints, Jeremy Enecio beautifully combines pink and blue tones in some of his artwork. He explores complex subject matters, for example in the painting at top titled “Familiar,” it is related with a familiar spirit appearing in the form of an animal and how humans are closely connected to primates. “You look into the eyes of a chimp or a baboon and you can almost see a man looking back at you. The woman with her head in the powerful jaws of the baboon shows an unflinching level of trust, a successful communication between two very different beings,” comments Enecio. Another interesting art piece is “Sin” (seventh image in this post), which I was trying to guess its religious and mythological connections, Centauroish maybe, but Enecio informs me it is linked to his upbringing in a Catholic family and being gay. “The body is masculine but presenting itself quite daintily. He spreads open his skirt not quite revealing himself. The split in the garment goes up a little too high making it ambiguous whether we should be able to see the genitalia or not. I wanted it to be almost uncomfortable.”

the elderly hugging a pink woman

close up of nude girl painting by jeremy enecio

mythology style woman in the nude

mythology woman, drawing close-up

sculpture style woman

shirtless man with pink cloth around waist

ronation, painting of strange women with many breasts


Images © and courtesy of Jeremy Enecio