Mallozzi Examines the Intricacies of Personal Relationships in Series “Familiars”

Familiars, painting, two guys with hoodies
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In Jean-Paul Mallozzi’s “Familiars,” his latest series of paintings and drawings, he broadens his fascination with the human condition and the inherent, nuanced complexities of personal relationships, specifically intimate male relationships, which are often hyper-sexualized, stigmatized and pigeon-holed for queer/lgbt eyes only in the visual art world.

These images challenge society’s rigid and conflicting constructs of masculinity, intimacy, sexuality and identity. These concepts are revealed in delicately rendered detail using oils, watercolors and graphite. The imagery and color choices together emphasize the ebb and flow of intimate relationships and their ever-changing emotional states. The scenes, layered with color and subtle textures, create a space for these human relationships to play out and also allow for other possibilities for performing and seeing masculinity.

familiars, full shot of painting blue smudged face, painting, Another Idea 16" x 12" Oil, acrylic , graphite on wood
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10s10sacrossthefloor(caro), artwork by JP mallozzi two men on bed, warm colors, painting Fun-damentals(caro), drawing closeup of Fun-damentals(caro), drawing two men back to back, drawing behind the scenes shot, artist's studio
All images courtesy and © of Jean-Paul Mallozzi.
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