BDSM Gayness: Tattoos by Phillippe Fernandez

Man mermaid tattoo, bdsm, bondage, gay, queer
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He was a graphic and motion designer, yet that wasn’t enough, so he began tattooing for fun and that fun became a full-time job. Currently working at AKA Berlin since 2009, the Spaniard Phillippe Fernandez has numerous tattoos resembling scenes from Massive (gay erotic Manga), Tom Finland and Brokeback Mountain. Leather boots and harnesses, police hats, and strap-on dildos are all squirting for attention in his work. Let’s not forget the peeing cowboy and a narcissistic transvestite. The majority of Fernandez’s portfolio is inspired by the traditional American style with thick outlining and light shading.

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bear man with hat, queer, gay gay men, bondage transvestite in mirror peeing cowboy woman with toy, sexual, bdsm
Images © Philippe Fernandez
Adriana de Barros

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