Sex Positive Figure Drawings by Brittny Abad

Transgender love tattoo by Blaabad

“Sex positivity is a theme I explore a lot in my figure drawings,” tattooer Brittny Abad points out. “Body- and sex-related topics were very taboo while I was growing up, so I left to figure out myself on my own terms.” A queer kid raised by ’80s pop culture, Abad’s Memphis-Milano siren song is set to a synth-pop beat. Using basic shapes in 8-bit color (the mood board of millennial childhood), she extends a guilt-free invitation to play with kink and fantasy.

“Drawing has been a way to let go of my inhibitions and express feelings of lust, love and loneliness. … I’m a girl who loves girls, so what I draw definitely focuses on the female body, but straight and trans people also find ways to relate,” because it’s not about form so much as feeling liberated. “I struggled for a while with what I thought people wanted from me. It changed my life when I started doing what made me happy.”

Kinky figure drawing tattoo by Blaabad

Retro nude tattoo by Blaabad

Self love figure overlay tattoo by Blaabad

80s inspired figure drawing tattoo by Blaabad

Devil's lustful grip tattoo by Blaabad

Glitch art nude figure tattoo by Blaabad

Black silhouette floating figure tattoo by Blaabad

Origami figure drawing tattoo by Blaabad

Photos © Brittny Abad