Beardin-Lazursky’s Alluring Images of Martyrs and Clairvoyants

closeup, three swords, russian art
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Collaborating with photographer Dmitry Nedikhalow and makeup artist Tatyana Chekmezova, Alexander Beardin-Lazursky creates the Latin titled project “Obelisk of Ignorabimus,” which inspires and fuses images of futurism with traditional Russian art. Taking this aesthetic even further in his next series, “Three of Swords,” Beardin-Lazursky influences again from Eastern Orthodox Icons—positioning isolated figures center of framing like 14th-century paintings, yet modernizing their physical appearance and coloring the shots in a luscious palette of dark fuchsia, blue and gold. Colors symbolizing power, heavenly grace, light and purity.

 three swords, russian art religious like figure with arrows
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Images © A. Beardin-Lazursky.

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