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Hidden Faces & Somber Nudity: The Photography of Chiara Lombardi

Chiara Lombardi is a 22 year old photographer from Italy who fell in love with photography when her father handed her a disposable camera on a family vacation. Her work has evolved from vacation snaps into polished portraits that play with identity, texture, and creative interpretations of traditional portraiture. Lombardi places a high value on […]

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Animals Being Human: Photography by Darren Holmes

In “Animals Being Human,” photographer Darren Holmes captures people in the liminal space between rationality and physicality—that is, between humanity and animality. The sets resemble something from a child’s room, with messily painted props and a general state of disarray, and the models—their bodies painted or cardboard-clad—embody an ambiguous playfulness that is both innocent and […]

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Poetic Darkness in Corpus Vertebrae’s Photography

Based in eastern Poland, Corpus Vertebrae (Michalina Wozniak) is a self-professed “photographer and dead soul.” Like dark haikus, her minimalist images plunge straight to the soul. Women wear skulls, beetles, and masks—images of death and transformation—signalling their submergence into a symbolic state of fathomless emotion. Using her work as a means of expressing her experience […]

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Our Bodies, Ourselves: Nude Embroidery Art

Naked is how we arrived in this world, so why do we continue to feel so ashamed by our own bodies? That’s a question that many creatives are trying to answer through their embroidery art. Being fully nude represents vulnerability and to see yourself how you truly are—flaws and all. In symbolizing the naked body, artists […]

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Fetish and Fascination: An Interview with Visual Artist Joanne Leah

Artist and photographer Joanne Leah has morphed from a sculptor to a photographer and art director; her personal work illustrates that influence with its sculptural, sensual quality. Her subject matter is wearable sculpture and models often hold bizarre poses in unconventional materials that force the viewer to take a second look. In exploring humans’ physical […]

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Erotic Body Art by Sad Amish Tattooer

Note: Contains nudity. Sultry and self-indulgent, Sad Amish Tattooer’s art captures sensual candids. Sweet, funny, graphic, orgasmic, his sketches explore a world of physical pleasure. Subtle details in the tilt of a knee or the placement of hair really sell the energy of each moment. He’ll play with shifts of perspective to set the tone […]

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Meditations on the Body: Photography by Esthaem

Note: Contains nudity. Esthaem is a photographer based in Linz, Austria, who focuses on the body to uncover human identities and sexualities. While he has recently started incorporating color, much of his portfolio (including most of the images shown here) consists of monochromatic images shot on black and white film. The camera focuses on nude […]

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Darkly Seductive Photography by Funnylens

Note: Contains nudity. The nude photographs of Bangkok-based Funnylens (Tanate Chantanakorn) are stylishly macabre. Channeling an underlining angst, the models curl up in smoky water and large iron tubs, their exposed body parts accentuated by ink-black shadows. Some of them are holding skulls and doll faces over their own; others are strewn with flowers. By […]

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Erotic Line Work Tattoos by Silly Jane

Note: Contains nudity. Silly Jane is a travelling tattoo artist who holds a residency at BSA Tattoo in Aix-en-Provence, France. Inspired by Japanese-style art and taboo illustrations, she inks dark and sensual pieces with flawless line work. Her pensive female subjects embody an endless dreamworld, merging with water and other natural imagery. Visit Silly Jane’s […]

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Women, Witchcraft and the Woods: Photography by Rik Garrett

Note: Contains nudity. Using old camera equipment and the nineteenth-century wet plate collodion process, American photographer Rik Garrett created “Earth Magic,” a series exploring the historical, literary, and personal connections between femininity, nature, and the occult. Alone and in groups, the women pose nude, observing arcane rites and channeling a feral beauty. The collection unveils […]