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Followers: Marco Onofri Captures Voyeurism and Detachment Online

Note: Contains nudity. Marco Onofri (b. 1973) is a photographer living in Cesena, Italy, whose new photographic series “Followers” explores the voyeuristic landscapes of daily social media. People share personal images of themselves, unaware of whose eyes may be watching. By removing the barrier of the computer screen, Onofri reveals the strangeness of this relationship. […]

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The Provocative Bondage Photography of Nobuyoshi Araki

Note: Contains nudity and sexual references. Nobuyoshi Araki is a photographer known for his provocative photographs of sexuality and Kinbaku-bi, the art of Japanese bondage. For decades, Araki’s work has been the subject of controversy, pulled between the categories of art, erotica, and pornography. While his work may cause discomfort for some viewers, his compositions […]

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Gerard Schlosser’s Intimate, Hyperrealistic Paintings of the Body

Note: Contains nudity. Gerard Schlosser is a French artist who paints hyperrealistic images of body parts. He takes photographs and then isolates a part of the scene, such as an exposed breast or waist. Each painterly fragment is mysterious, and Schlosser has a way of instilling intimacy into surprising places. What is left outside the […]

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Black Blood: The Gothic Glamor of Chris Desabota’s Photography

Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. Chris Desabota is a Florida-based photographer who creates cinematic images that scrape high fashion raw with the edges of human emotion. One of the series featured here is “Hysteria,” shot in collaboration with the models Gianna Serino and Sami Mitchell. Dressed in […]

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Discomfort and Beauty: Dark Sculptures by Colin Christian

Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. Colin Christian is a London-born, US-based sculptor known for making playful, doll-like sculptures inspired by science fiction, electronic music, anime, and more. Since 2014, Christian’s works have delved into the darker territories of phobias and the erotic occult. It started with a […]

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The Work of Jeff Robb, the Three-Dimensional Artist

Note: Contains nudity. Jeff Robb’s 3D art allows us to reminisce those days as a child in a swimming pool, submerged in water and appreciating the beauty of silence. His nude models slowly move back and forth like graceful ballet dancers. They are gorgeous and part of his continuous study of the human body and […]

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Censored Pictures by Chinese Artist Ren Hang

Note: Contains nudity. Just like Robert Mapplethorpe and Terry Richardson, Ren Hang is not afraid to photograph vaginas, erected penises and other body parts that naturally form the human body. People are born into this world naked and that’s exactly how they’ll be captured in his snapshots. He doesn’t pre-plan any of the scenes prior […]

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Anne Barlinckhoff and her Intimate Photography

Note: Contains nudity. The images shot by photographer Anne Barlinckhoff have a certain intimacy to them that is deliberate on Barlinckhoff’s part. Exploring and celebrating the female body in her passionate output, she photographs her models one-to-one so she can build up a level of trust and security with them. This way of working pays off. Images © […]

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Nate Walton and his Playful Colour Photographs

Note: Contains nudity. LA photographer Nate Walton shoots naturalistic images of half-nude women (most of whom are friends as opposed to professional models) in a variety of settings: against a city skyline, in an empty apartment and out pumping gas. There is no element of pretension in his work, he is celebrating the everyday in […]

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Paintings by Controversial NY Artist Lisa Yuskavage

Lisa Yuskavage is Philadelphia-born visual artist whose work strikes an interesting contrast between age-old methods of figurative painting and very modern concepts of sexuality in the mass media. Her work courts controversy due to its graphic imagery: the almost cartoonish way in which she paints the female body and then places this in a fantasy […]